Join us in Williamson, Kenova, Portsmouth, and other sites within the Appalachian region as Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765 takes the helm of Norfolk Southern's 21st Century Steam trips for its employees in 2012! Carrying the whistle from Norfolk & Western Class Y6b class no. 2173, the 765 and her crew at seen hard at work in West Virginia coal country, bringing familiar sights and sounds to a region known for its dyed-in-the-wool mountain railroading. Steam railroading was silenced here on the Norfolk & Western 60 years ago this May – but the echoes and memories live on. Featuring footage from Kelly Lynch and Joe Fusco. Scenes are not in chronological order.

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That was great, some remarkable shots. Like crossing the bridge at 5:14, how did they make that one?

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Great Video. Really enjoyed that.  Where in WV  were these filmed. 

In his explanation post, his first sentence states "Williamson, Kenova, and Portsmouth", however, Portsmouth is in Ohio.

Wow! Knockout video, very well done. Kelly could make a living doing video. And, I also want to remark that Joe Fusco has done some other stuff as well, one of his I like is a newer one on You Tube of the Cumbres and Toltec.

Some takeaways for me is that when the 1309 is done, she should have whitewalls like 765, and a hooter, if it could be found, off of a B&O EM 1. 


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