Steam Update: Locomotive No. 4014 Front Engine Walk Along • with working drawings

Tranz4mr posted:

Anyone know when this was filmed? 1 month ago, 2 months ago? more?

1 Screenshot UP Nov 9 18

Hi Kent:

Above is a screenshot from today, Nov. 9, 2018 at 11:30 PM EST from the Union Pacific, YT Channel.

The video was published on Oct 31, 2018 and has been viewed 59,020 times and has 27K Subscribers. YouTube calls a successful video, when the views are 20% of the subscribers. This means that the Union Pacific videos must have at least 5400 views to be successful.

They are way over the 5500 views at 59,020 views, this is a home run with YouTube.

The video has 456 comments where the viewers have interacted with each other.

YouTube does not require that the creator give a filming date. I have watch this video several times and Ed does not give a filming date.It looks like was all filmed on the same day and there was some basic editing done by the film crew to edit the drawings, titles and transitions.

May I suggest, if you see Ed this coming January at the TCA meet in Denver, ask him what is the lead time on these YouTube videos. My guess is that it was filmed on or after October 1st, 2018 by the Union Pacific videography department. When the 844 was on there road trips the turn around time was only about two days from the event to there YT channel.

Hope this helps.  •  Gary: Rail-fan 


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bigkid posted:

Just a comment, not necessarily about this specific thread, but often those who seemingly "don't do anything" actually do a lot. Back in the 1980's the war cry was 'get rid of middle managers, they are useless', and a lot of companies found out many of those they let go had a lot of knowledge on how to get things done (known as matrix managers) and paid a price for it. I don't know Ed Dickens or the story behind the steam shop (so criticism may well be justified), but someone in his position may be the person who acts as a barrier against the pencil pushers and the like, has built up a framework of rabbis within the company to support the steam project, knows who to talk to to get things the group needs, etc. Doesn't mean that someone in his position should get all the credit or a lot of it, despise people who do that as manager, but I also don't think managers necessarily do "nothing", the success of any group can hinge on a manager doing things, big and little, that allow them to succeed; obviously there are managers who are pencil pushers, clueless, bloated egos out of Dilbert, but also a lot of managers who have worked their way up, know the score and are part of getting things done, too. Like I said, not commenting directly on the 4014 steam program, but it could be if Dickens wasn't there the project might not even have happened, or might be cancelled by some pencil pusher up the line *shrug*. 

There is/ was a Director above Ed in the steam shop named Scott George.

Here's from his Linkedin page...

Director Steam Shop Operations

Union Pacific Railroad
 – Present  17 years 7 months
Cheyenne, WY

Lead and direct the ongoing maintenance required to keep the UP steam
program functional. This includes regular maintenance and repairs for all
steam locomotives managed by steam shop and leading the multi-year capital
restoration effort for steam engines currently out of service. Direct
documentation and establishment of standard work order processes for all
heritage power.
Lead and direct the ongoing maintenance required to keep UP's heritage
diesel power operational. Manage and maintain the rotary snow plow based in
Cheyenne and direct its operation when called into service.
Establish and direct the execution of daily work plans that achieve key
milestones in maintenance and/or restoration of steam and heritage diesel
Ensure restoration and maintenance work is consistent with original
specifications, while modernizing where appropriate. Oversee identification
and procurement of replacement parts, some of which have not been
manufactured in decades. As appropriate, arrange new manufacturing runs or
fabricate parts in house. In some cases, it may be necessary to first
design the tools to make or install the parts.
Build relationships not only within the company, but with external media,
communities, and rail fan groups that are impacted by, interact with or
follow UP's Heritage Power.
Work with multiple crafts and Labor Relations to build a unified Steam team
that works safely and cohesively to the common objective of representing UP
with external stakeholder audiences.
Direct the planning and execution of heritage power trips across the UP
system, including milepost by milepost planning for steam excursions.



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