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Good morning STEAMday Sunday fans.

This is the place to post photos and videos showing your favorite steam locomotives of all different kinds and your comments about them. Just make sure that the photos and videos were taken by you, or that you have the written permission of the owner to post them, and that you otherwise are in full compliance with the Forum Terms of Service.

I will start us off with this Erie Camelback steamer:


This nicely derailed scale model is a Lionel LionChief Plus. The video below shows it hauling scale freight cars including Atlas beer reefers, Atlas Grand Union boxcar, an MTH PRR boxcar, and a Lionel Erie smoking caboose through My Little Town:

Now, it's your turn to show us your favorite steam locomotive(s) today. Arnold


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Hello StDaySun people!  I’m off to a local train show this morning, so another trip to the archives is in order.  I just hope it’s a little warmer than the current 17 degrees when I leave!

Beer trains - and beer - are always popular, so I located a couple of  beer train films pulled by two different steam locomotives.  One is my Atlas NH 0-6-0 which has been converted to MTH PS3; the other is my MTH Railking B&M 0-8-0 that was converted to PS2.  Hope you enjoy them, have a cold one for me tonight!



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Photos/videos show my Lionel Legacy model (2231120) of New York Central 2-8-0 Consolidation #960 on my 12’-by-8’ layout.

NYC class G-6i #960 was built for subsidiary Michigan Central Railroad as #7812 by Alco (Brooks Works) in June 1909 with 63-inch driving wheels. Tractive effort was about 45,500 pounds, locomotive weight was 244,500 pounds and total loaded weight (loco and tender) was 395,000 pounds. It was scrapped as New York Central #1195 in 1954.

The Lionel model represents a Southern Pacific prototype (Harriman Consolidation) – not New York Central. On the SP, this type of engine had a Vanderbilt tender and was fueled by oil. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is a good looking model. One video shows it with New York Central Alco RS-3 #8223 (MTH 30-20689-1) also running on the layout.





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Well since Patrick posted some IRL photo's today I am going to follow suit.  This is a German 4-6-2 freight engine that I photographed at the German Technical Museum (monitors note- I took these pictures).  It was a monster, larger than most steam engines I have had a chance to get close to.  It was fully preserved at least from an appearance point of view and its indoor storage had obviously been kind to it from the perspective of appearance.

German Steam Engine front end 2German Steam Engine front end

To show you how bit this thing was, here by comparison is little 5'6" me standing next to it.  I barely made it to the top of the driving wheels!!

German Steam Engine with me


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  • German Steam Engine front end
  • German Steam Engine with me
@CAPPilot posted:

Patrick,  You took a photo of a rare steamer.  It is a I1s Decapod and the only Decapod of 598 to survive the scrapper's torch.  Too bad it is not at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg.

Here is MTH's scale version of it.

DSC_0003MTH PRR Decapod Front

Wow Ron!   I had no idea that this locomotive was so rare.  Thanks for the info!  The Western NY Rail Museum building was closed and none of their personnel was around the day I  visited.  I just wondered around their outside area and snapped photos.  Of course the Il caught my eye immediately. I thought it to have a low profile ( top of rail to top of loco ) for such a decapod.  It did look pretty cool though!   I do agree, it should be at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  

Thanks again for the information and the photos of your model as well!

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