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Good morning fellow Forumites and welcome to STEAMday Sunday. This is where us steam locomotive enthusiasts post our photos, videos and comments about our favorite steam locomotives.

Just remember to follow the Forum Terms of Service, and only post photos and videos you have taken, or those in which you have obtained the written permission of the owner to post.

Now, let the fun begin.

Since many of us will be attending the upcoming train show in York, Pennsylvania, I decided to post this video showing a  PRR steamer, specifically, an MTH Proto 2 PRR steam turbine hauling freight through My Little Town:

This steamer has stood the test of time, having run flawlessly on my layout for about 20 years.

Now, it's your turn to share your favorite steamers.



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I recently purchased New York Central/Boston & Albany 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #1916 (Lionel 6-28098). The model was made in 2002 and listed in like-new condition but has required some work to get it looking well and running satisfactorily. It was covered with a heavy layer of dust, so I cleaned and lubricated it and replaced the tether and deteriorated traction tires. Since then, I’ve kept it on my layouts and have been running it frequently to see if it operates properly. I’ve already posted it on Steamday but here are a few more photos and videos.




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Thanks Arnold for firing up the boiler and getting us rolling today!   I'm looking forward to hearing you and Shawn at York this Friday ... and of course meeting you in person!!  

I wish I had a Ma & Pa steam locomotive to give a nod to the upcoming York Week, however I have only a Ma & Pa diesel and a Ma & Pa Doodlebug.  Who knows, there just might be a Ma & Pa 0-6-0 awaiting me at York.  Time will tell!  

Here's a few shots of  a scale B&O 4-6-4 Hudson ( Williams by Bachman ).  The B&O rostered 4 Hudsons and I believe most of those, if not all , were experimental.   Pacifics handled most B&O passenger trains during the steam era.


A side view of the Hudson's snout.   Pay no attention to that Washington Terminal RS 1 diesel .. that engine should be behind a curtain LOL ! IMG_5622

Here she is again during a solar eclipse.  IMG_5609


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This is my "new to me",  Sunset 3rd Rail ATSF 4-8-2 Mountain pulling around 25 Reefers,  PFE and 5 x ATSF Steel Reefers.   Picked this up about 6 weeks ago, really blessed to have had the opportunity to buy this engine. 

3rd Rail did an amazing job paying attention to details on this steam engine.   

Video is about 2 minutes long, I'll apologize in advance for not keeping the camera perfectly steady, but I wanted to try moving along with it, and using the tracking focus feature on this great 4K camera my son gave me.

@Bill Park posted:

Chris, First off, great looking engine. What is to not love about that one. Also, your layout looks very well done. Good buildings and well done scenery. Bill

Bill  thanks for the kind words.   I watched your video.  I really like the way your 3 level layout looks, very nice job breaking up the main lines and levels with the tunnels and  having them offset. 

@TrainBub posted:


Quite Nice !!!  Is that the Weaver model ?


It is.  I'm finding Weaver models are at a pretty favorable price point these days as they don't have all the bells and whistles of the newer models.  As for the cars, I think I can make them out of heavily modified GGD donors.  The cars were painted aluminum with a red, yellow, & black stripe along the bottom sill to match the locomotive and included:

  • Baggage-Barbershop-Buffet-Library #1302:  I think I can make this from a GGD baggage coach, but it will need some serious work at the windows.
  • Lounge #1367:  Probably the hardest car to do.  A coach might work by selectively cutting out the pilasters between select window pairs and removing one of the vestibules.  This could be a "good enough" kind of project.
  • Diner #1467:  Another challenge as the window arrangement is very different in the kitchen area.
  • Chair #3002, 3005, 3006:  Thes are a bit of a hybrid.  The modernized GGD coaches would work, but with a roof that is not too different from the Pullman Standard sleeping cars.  Since the GGD cars are semi-modular this shouldn't be too difficult.

My middle daughter lives in the central valley of CA so I've taken an interest in that part of the world.  My 3rd Rail E1 is #9 which pulled the "Golden Gate" from Oakland to Bakersfield on the same route after the Valley Flyer was retired. 

In 1956 the Pennsylvania leased 12, 5011 Class 2-10-4 locomotives from Santa Fe; for service hauling coal from Columbus to Sandusky, Ohio alongside the Pennsylvania's J1 class 2-10-4s. Here is Lionel's  6510 backing down to pick up a string of hoppers set out by the yard goat.

Picking up Steam as they head out of town. The 4 bay hoppers a diecast K Line from the Train Loft many moons ago. The rest are mostly MTH along with some METCA exclusives. The caboose is an MTH PRR NC5 Buckeye Region.

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