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Good morning, Happy Father's Day, and welcome to STEAMday Sunday.

This is the place to share your favorite steam locomotives of all kinds. Just remember to follow the Forum Terms of Seevice in all respects, including to post only photos and videos you have taken or ones in which you have received the written permission of the owner to post.

I will start us off with the video below showing an MTH Proto 2 Jersey Central steam switcher hauling beer reefers and a Jersey Central caboose through My Little Town:



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Boston & Albany #53 is a Lionel model (6-28702) of a USRA 0-8-0 steam switcher. This modern design was developed by the United States Railroad Administration during World War 1. 175 0-8-0 locomotives were produced between 1917 and 1920 when the USRA controlled the railroads, and 1200 copies were produced afterward.

B&A #53 was built by Lima in April 1921. It had 25-by-28 cylinders, 51-inch driving wheels, weighed 219,000 pounds (about 364,000 pounds with loaded tender), and produced 51,040 pounds of tractive effort at 175 pounds-per-square-inch boiler pressure. When the B&A dieselized in 1951, #53 was renumbered to New York Central #7725 and ran on the Harlem Division until retirement in January 1955.

Video shows #53 on my 10’-by-5’ layout running 29 scale miles-per-hour.




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Well, it's a late 1940's father's day, and unfortunately the NYC Loco assigned to haul the milk cars on time has broken down. Have no fear! Our  hero the mighty Dreyfus is up to the task to get the milk delivered on time. Dad's need milk to stay strong too.

Happy father's day to all the great dad's out there. Especially those that have passed down this wonderful hobby to the younger generations.

Thanking my dad as he looks down from Heaven. God bless all!


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My display shelf in my home office continues to change.  Steam power in this image includes an Alco models streamlined K4s, my MTH 2 rail CNJ Pacific project locomotive, NYC Hudsons in a Lionel 1964 PW 773 and Williams brass version, an unknown Camelback brass CNJ 10 Wheeler on an All Nation chassis and finally a loose Weaver 90-P75 K4s tender in 2 rail I plan on reworking a bit for a future project.


My CLW H10 finally got a tender courtesy of a fellow forum member who facilitated the sale of one to me.  I've been building a vintage set of cars to go with it as seen here with a 1960's brass hopper and a Walthers N5b cabin.  I've since added a USH G33 mill gon and a Hallmark PRR GRa gondola to this train on my shelf as I start to relocate all the modern display items elsewhere.


I still struggle with the lighting in my home office, so I apologize for the quality of the photos.


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Well since it's Father's Day I thought I might remember both my Dad and my GrandPa who built this layout for me (I think it was for me, maybe just a little for them) in 1947.  It was my first Lionel layout, I was 3 at the time.  I know that I did run it (with great supervision I am sure).

1947 Layout

The locomotive is the Lionel 671 and I think the set (which was my Christmas present as well) was Set 2127WS which iaw some references I have retailed for $60.  Which in today's $ would have been $845. That was some sacrifice as I don't think Dad cleared more than about $7K a year!

Happy Father's Day everyone

Best Wishes



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  • 1947 Layout

Happy Steam Sunday and Father’s Day.
Here is my Lionel Legacy consolidation in NH&I livery. This is a METCA exclusive run. It’s on the point of. NH&I excursion. The cars are custom. I took a D&RG Williams set; and cut up the obs to simulate an open air car. I added people and lighting. The cars were painted and lettered by Christine Brandon.

@MartyE @gunrunnerjohn

This is the engine that you were helping me with to get it to run as a legacy. Lionel sent it back no trouble found; but now it works! Thanks again for all your efforts  


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As it is Father's Day, I'll share a brief story about my father and his passion for model railroading that he inherited from his father, and I inherited from him.  Most recently I was visiting two weeks ago, and he has recently started restoring 1950's and 1960's 2 rail O locomotives.  As a lifelong HO modeler much like my grandfather before him, he told me how much easier it was to work on the O scale locomotives compared to the HO kits he's been building since I was a kid.  He just picked up nicely done All Nation Pacific with lots of add on details that simply needed some TLC to get it to run.  One thing I appreciate most about my father is his mechanical abilities.  He can disassemble, diagnose, and repair nearly anything.  He is still my train and computer technician in his 80's as he had a long career with Bell Labs.  He still runs circles around any computer tech I know.  My skills are more on the detailing, painting, and decaling side.  We collaborate well in that manner.  I will be visiting next weekend to celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary and will plan on getting some pictures of this really interesting project.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!  All three of my daughters talked to me today which is all I can ask for.  Made it a special day all around.

@Don McErlean, Don, Wow, beautiful picture of a super happy occasion, your very first train set, with a beautiful layout, and the Memories, thanks for sharing, yes, in those days, (which was my time period) father and son shared valuable time together enjoying toy trains…. @pennsyfan, Wow, what a beautiful consolation locomotive and neat video, I have the B&O version, cool Legacy steamers. @GG1 4877, Jonathan, I love your shelf display, full of beautiful trains, Wow… Happy Railroading Everyone



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