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At the outset, I want all of you folks to know what a privilege it has been, and is, for me to participate in this OGR Magazine On-Line Forum, and especially to start this thread every Sunday morning.

It was great to meet many of you in person during the past few days at the wonderful York Train Show.

The photos below show one of my favorite steamers. It's a Lionel NY Central 10 wheeler, which I purchased from a local train buddy a few years ago, and it was manufactured in the early 2000s:


Back then, it was a top of the line model, and the prototype would have run on one of my favorite fallen flag railroads, the Putnam Division of the NY Central (the Ole Put).

The video below shows the same steamer hauling Lionel NY Central Madison  Heavyweight  passenger cars downstream, through My Little Town, and then back upstream:

Now it's your turn. Let's see your favorite steamers.

Just member to follow the Forum Rules, only post photos and videos you've taken or those in which you have the express written permission of the owner to post.

If any of you fellow Forumites purchased any steamers during the recent York show, it would be great if you would share your photos of them, and your videos showing them in action.



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Hello, StDaySun people!  Arnold, it also has been a privilege getting to know you through the Forum and we all appreciate that you take the throttle on Sunday morning!

Some steam locomotives are the unofficial symbols of the railroads they serve.  Some good examples are PRR’s K4s, SP’s cab forwards and NYC’s Hudsons.  The symbol of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, for me, is the road’s 4-6–0 Camelbacks.

My Camelback, no. 763, is a MTH Imperial model.  Before I bought it, I was looking for one for a long time with no luck, so I decided to settle for the Reading version. I called a dealer that listed the Reading in stock and he told me “sorry, I sold the Reading, but I have the Jersey Central”!




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Pennsylvania Railroad G5s 4-6-0 ten-wheeler #5740 is an MTH Premier model (20-3031-1, MSRP $699.95) delivered in March 1999 with PS1. I’ve been running this engine for almost 25 years. It is from the first release of the MTH G5s model and has a BCR.

The PRR G5s was the most powerful ten-wheeler steam locomotive ever built. It was designed for fast acceleration in commuter service on the hills around Pittsburgh and also was used in Philadelphia, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and on Long Island. The LIRR operated 31 G5s locomotives and retired the last two in 1955. PRR G5s #5741 is preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Photos and videos show #5740 pulling a freight train trailed by PRR N5c cabin car #477879 (MTH Railking 30-7730, March 2000) on my 10’-by-5’ layout.




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Thanks so much Arnold for being at the throttle to get us rolling for this fine Sunday!  Again, it was a real treat to finally meet you and your wife Shawn in person and hear you both sing at the York show on Friday!!  Congratulations on being invited to perform at this year's TCA convention too!  BRAVO!!!

For today, I was hoping to show my new ( to me ) B&O Pacific that I bought at York on Friday.  It tested fine at the York show although the York test track transformer is weak and it was not able to put the loco through all of its' TMCC maneuvers.  Upon firing it up on my layout last evening, the engine had several problems.  I'm contacting the vendor today.  I'm sure it will all work out!  

Anyway - here is a couple photos of my B&O Docksider performing its' duties on the Mountain Division of the Free State Junction Railway.  This is a MTH model that I bought off the Bay back in the mid 2000s.  It's reliable as the sun rising each morning. As many of you may know from my many previous posts of this engine on other OGR threads,  it has been weathered by me to give a well worn look.  IMG_3097IMG_3087


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Another fine start Arnold PW Lionel turbine getting ready to over take a PW Lionel F3, and some wind up action that I had for years in a box, not sure if Marx made, has Made in USA stamped on the engine and cars. Any info on years made or who made would be appreciated. Enjoy your Steamday Sunday.

Another wind up both work need a good service.

My repaint Lionel 0-4-0 switcher


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Not a new photo, but one I've always enjoyed.  From my 2nd O scale layout around 2007, two CNJ Camelbacks in the yard.  The one in the foreground is a Williams while the other is a Railking.  As luck would have it they had the same number.    I've since sold the Railking model and migrated a majority of my CNJ to 2-rail, but I've always had a soft spot for the Camelback 10-wheeler. 


I was lucky enough four years ago to find this 1950/60's brass 2-rail Camelback.  It is a great runner.  Since I'm between layouts it is on my "Shelf Central".


I also made some progress on my 2 rail CNJ Pacific project I was finally able to find a donor chassis to get this mostly back together.  It is an MTH.  I have decals on the way and need to send it through the paint shop.  The entire locomotive will be repainted and receive Miss Liberty on the tender while the cab will receive Futura numbers to reflect its last days in commuter service. 



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Speaking of steam, these photos were taken a few days ago of Baldwin Locomotive Works 0-6-0 no 26 at the roundhouse of Steamtown National Historic Site. A bit of work still needs to be done, but expect this to be in service in early May.  2024 will mark the ninth year since her return to steam service.


As you can see, the cylinder covers, valve casing and the steam dome cover need to be placed on the engine to make her complete.  A few tests in setting the safety valves will take place in a few days, and then she is ready for service.


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@Sitka-  In your second series of pictures, the black flat fronted clockwork locomotive is most defiantly Marx.  It is a #232 Commodore Vanderbilt loco which was made from 1938-1948.  It was made in many variations and with both a red and green boiler as well as black (these variations are much more rare, especially the green).  The tender (#551 type), gondola (#552 CRI&P) and caboose (likely #556 type) are all typical Marx 6" lithographed cars, made from the 1930's until the end of Marx in various liveries and configurations.  The versions that you have, especially the gondola, are likely pre-war, although Marx which rarely issued a catalogue is very hard to date precisely.

The next picture - the orange and black steamer and tender are, I believe, HWN (Hans Wiemer, Nuremberg).  I enclose a picture of the version that I have below.  What is interesting is that your tender says "Lehigh Valley" which I have not seen before, I have 2 variations of this tender, this one below with the numbers, and one with just HWN in orange letters.  These were relatively inexpensive toys that were imported into the US in large numbers just after the conclusion of WWII and were part of the plan to recover the German economy.  It is likely that your locomotive dates to the 1950's or early 1960's.

HWN loco and tender front quarter view

Well friend, that is about the best I can do about your inquiry.

Best Wishes



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So continuing what Sitka started, here is a little clockwork set by Distler (German, 1950's).  It came with a very tight curvature circle of track, perhaps 2 ' , and the track is raised on the outside of the curve via the sleepers to help prevent going off the track.  The set came with a circle of this special track, the loco and tender, and the passenger car.

Distler Train Set front quarter viewDistler Train Set loco view

Distler Trainset box

Best wishes everyone, hope you have a great week



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  • Distler Train Set loco view
  • Distler Trainset box

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