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This is from my local NE Pennsylvania TV Station... the first minute or so is a bit of a commercial for Ford, but the other four minutes is an interesting tour of the facility. Some nice video of the turntable, backshop, and Baldwin 26 in action.


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APPLES55, You were right. The film is interesting. The facility seems to have taken itself a lot more seriously than it appeared to be, to me, 10+ years ago when I was last there. So, Thank You for posting that here. Because of the film, I will be scheduling a trip there for myself the next time I am traveling for a min-vacation thru Scranton and onward to Cortland, NY.


I highly recommend a visit to Steamtown.   Just took my daughter there for 2 days at the end of August.   Fortunately another thread on this forum highly recommended taking the "Shop Tour",  it was outstanding.   The gentleman who lead the tour ended up going into so many details that the tour took almost 90 minutes rather than the 45 minutes advertised...   They brought the 0-6-0 switcher out on the turntable and brought it back on the turntable at the end of the day, very cool.  

There's a number of photos below.   



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Hi Frank,   Yes you are correct. 

The upper photo is a vertical radial milling machine,  to cut the inner diameter of steel tires which were/are mounted on the steam locomotive spoked trailing truck wheels and drivers.    The "steel tire" won't fit over the spoked wheels at room temperature ( called an interference fit ),  they heat them which causes expansion, then fit them over the wheels, when they cool they won't slip or come apart.  

The second photo is a huge lathe used to cut wheel flange profile,  I am pretty sure the tour guide told us the machine could handle up to 84 inch diameter steam engine drivers.   

Frank if you go, I recommend eating dinner at a restaurant called Harvest Seasonal Grill, it's in Moosic which is the town that Gryzboski trains is in, about 15 minutes from the Steamtown.   Great food, kind of unique in that they use all locally grown and raised products in about 90% of the recipes.

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