Steel Mill update.

Thank you everyone.

Yes, Steel Mills were not a walk in the park to work in.

The flatcar will be used for any job that's required but slabs go to the top of the list.

I already have made ingot buggies there is nothing wrong with moving some empty ingots or even the moulds from one place to another in fact I like this car so much I am going to do another one.

The load on the car is made for a 40 foot gondola which is why it has a sturdy base and you don't see it in a Gon. My back is holding up for now.DSC00616







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Roo posted:

George your photo came just before my message thanks for that.

Here are my Ingot buggies I like the weathering on top of the moulds looks good.

And Simon Happy New Year to you! Roo.


Roo, those are excellent!!! 


TCA, NMRA, PRRT&HS Modeling the PRR Panhandle Division between 1948-1957.

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