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For my third train-centric visit to Chicago (now with a car), I finally visited another famous hotspot that was actually worth the time: CP 502, where the Indiana Harbor Belt, NS's busy Chicago Line, the CN Kirk sub, and the Cliffs (formerly ArcelorMittal) steel mill railroad all meet. While the CN local did not make an appearance, NS sent a random GP60 and two BNSF run-through moves, and ArcelorMittal brought out a pair of orange units to move a long string of CSX coal cars. Unfortunately, the day was quite windy, and me being dumb, I was using my camera's internal mic, which had no windshield. Were it not for that, the day would have been quite good, a worthy compensation for not being to find Chicago Short Line.

(0:00) Intro (0:10)

Train 1: NS 33G, BNSF ES44C4 7107, BNSF C44-9W 4724 (H2) (0:39)

Train 2: NS 61C, Unidentified NS C44-9W (1:10)

Train 3: NS 34J, BNSF C44-9W 1104 (H1), BNSF C44-9W 642 (ATSF Warbonnet) (4:10)

Train 4: Indiana Harbor Belt Michigan Yard turn (unknown), IHB GP40-2s 4011, 4013 (6:15)

Train 5: Cliffs yard coal transfer, GP15-1 417, SW1500 316 (8:58)

Train 6: Light NS power, NS GP60 7114 (10:15)

Train 7: Amtrak Lakeshore Limited, Unidentified P42DCs (11:00)

Move 8: NS moves into the yard (11:24)

Train 8: Cliffs yard move, SW1500 301 (blue paint) (13:27)

Train 9: Amtrak 351, SC-44 4604 (13:55)

Train 10: NS 294, AC44C6Ms 4081, 4171

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