Step 2 in creating 2017 Christmas Layout Memories - The 'base' and start wiring

It won't be obvious right away but maybe will be later.  Now that I know the track plan, the scenery placements, and where wires need to run, I plan out next how I want to arrange the Homasote pieces.

step 2a - Homasote

Homasote for the base is in place

step 2b - Homasote_1

A view from teh other corner of the room

step 2c - Homasote_2

Start of wiring: note the 2 AIUs.

step 3a - Wiring

Again, just a view from the other corner

step 3b - Wiring

Here's where I can explain why I plan out where to place pieces of Homasote.  Under the Homasote I lay down blue board first leaving gaps in the blue boards to run wires thru.  I like to do this since it keeps the Homasote from sitting directly on the wires.  Knowing WHERE I have to run wires to helps me determine where I leave gaps.

step 3c - wiriing in gaps

The wires running thru the gaps to the back AIU.  Also trannie power, switches power, etc.  Of course these wires are only the main ones.  Running wires to each accessory comes in stages afterwards.

step 3d - wiring in gaps

Once the wires are in place I slide the pieces of Homasote together to hide the gaps in the blue board.

step 3e - wiring in gaps hiddenn

- walt


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