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Well, Stephan Girard was a very rich businessman that started investing in railroads in 1830. I'm sure his investments helped get the railroad industry started in this county. They estimated his peak wealth at $105 billion. Probably why Lionel chose green for the Stephan Girard set.

Never read anything about railroad investment he made the bulk of his money with a fleet of ships.

Perhaps a little know historical fact......  During the War of 1812, Girard single-handedly saved the Federal Government of the United States from bankruptcy by personally financing the American war effort.

He was injured in an accident in Dec of 1830, never fully recovered and died in Dec 1831

He was worth over 7 million dollars at the time of his death  

As a toy train note....... the standard gauge set commonly called the Stephen Gerard Set by collectors  is the Pennsylvania Limited outfit in the catalogs. one car in the set is the Stephen Girard, the other two are Liberty Bell and Coral Isle....but you knew that


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