Last week I acquired this O gauge replica of the Stephenson Rocket. After a little service this runs very nicely. At first glance it appears to have been hand made and the paint work was definitely done by hand. On closer examination, it may have been produced by one of the known manufactures or by a cottage industry. It is all metal and mostly steel, but the large undriven drive wheels are either cast bronze or brass. Note that only the small rear wheels are driven. I had to add the Hornby passenger cars to slow it down for the brief video. The bottom of the engine as well as the tender is rubber stamped  7054. The original historic engine that this is modeled after is vintage 1829. I suspect that the model may have been produced in the 1950's or 1960's. I could not find any other examples matching mine on the web. Information welcome!


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Stephenson's Rocket  running
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My guess is that someone kit-bashed it.  I recognize the Marx pickup and others have suggested a Marx motor.  It looks like a European tender, with barrel added and a heavily modified engine that was kit-bashed using many European parts.

The boiler looks as if it is hand painted and hand lettered, the railing at the rear looks like it is home-made and soldered together and the same goes for the smokestack struts.  

I once owned and operated the well known Hornby large scale live steam version of this pioneer loco (circa 1980's), whose prototype was the winner of the British Raintree Trials. I also had the very nice carriage that was available as a separate purchase, but alas, the engine did not have adequate power or traction to pull!

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