tried adding a locomotive to the dcs, and got the "check track, engine error" message. 

I checked to make sure the switches on the model was on DCS, not conventional

I checked the 2/3 rail switch to make sure its on 3 rail. 

I check to make sure there is solid power coming to the locomotive.

the locomotive "clicks" and reconizes the dcs signal.

the polarity with the wires is correct.     ( I learned if its backwards, nothing will reconized and respond) 

the battery is charged and the teather has a good connection. 

The locomotive does run well in conventional. The locomotive "clicks" before startup to reconize any dcs signal, and it did click, and did not startup, so the locomotive reconizes the dcs, but the dcs is not reconizing the locomotive. It has been a long while since i troubleshooted this (i made several attempts on this issue) and had no luck. Am i missing something? 

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