I'd second HVAC foil tape. It can handle about anything, heat, cold, moisture, etc..It stays stuck, holds shapes, yet removes well. An HVAC supply house might be cheaper.

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I also second the foil tape - but I'd get the thicker stuff, which should be a somewhat better heat shield.  Its easier to use - the thin stuff wants to wrinkle and tear.  It also works great on ducts (maybe ducks too, I don't have any of those to try it on...) - vastly superior to duct tape on ducts.

I have a big roll of the 2.5" foil duct tape, that stuff adheres like iron!  Super expensive, but I got the roll when the HVAC people were installing a new pair of heatpumps, I talked them out of a roll of the duct tape.

I still have a couple feet left of a roll of 2" stainless steel foil tape I bought about 40 years ago.  Although I bought it to patch a pinhole leak in the cabinet of a dishwasher (the tape held up longer than the rest of the appliance!!), the majority of its use has been to shield bulb heat and increase light reflection in a variety of model railroad structures/accessories.  The label sez it's good to 350 degrees, so that ought to be adequate for most the hobby needs.

I remember one accessory in particular....the Lionel 192 Control Tower.  The flat plastic roof was prone to distortion from the heat of the bulb within the tower room.   Knowing this from seeing several damaged examples at train shows, when I found a tower in excellent condition, I removed the roof and added a 2" square of the stainless foil to the inside surface above the bulb.   Since the tape brightened the interior anyway, I was able to reduce the bulb voltage to an even safer, less heat level.

Stainless steel foil tape is very much yet available.  Hardware, home improvement, appliance repair stores typically have it in this area.  I like its very reflective surface. 

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