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I purchased the ATSF VL stock freight 3 pack. The car with sound has a very stiff truck on opposite end of the electro-coupler. Stiff enough that it will derail on any turnout if that truck is the last truck on the train (not coupled to anything.) Coupled up the car behind exerts enough force, apparently, to keep it from derailing.

Do I remove the truck and inspect or do I contact Lionel for service -- since it is brand new?


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I’ve had this issue with a few Atlas  cars. The fix was remove the truck. It helps if you have a numbered drill bit set. Find a bit that just about makes it through the trucks mounting hole. Jumping up one size at a time you will eventually find the one that won’t quite make it through. Re drill the hole with that one.
Not familiar with your particular car. First I would just crack the screw loose and see if it improves. If not. Remove the screw and see how much force is required to move the truck on and off it’s mounting boss. Either a pass with a slightly larger drill bit or a few swipes with a round file should fix it.

I would not drill out the truck on the sound car. There is an angle sensor in the car that uses the truck to make it move. One of the trucks has an opening shaped like a ‘D’ that engages a shaft that the sensor is connected to that makes it wave back and forth over the detector.  If you drill it out, the sensor won’t index properly. I bet the sensor is dragging or it’s just screwed down too tight.

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