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Stillwell terminal in Coney Island is the second epicenter of the system after Broadway Junction   Both of these have seen many changes over the years  Here are a few that I noticed while looking at some old picture of Stillwell


The double slip switches are gone and the track has been reconfiguered here





The West End tracks used to connect on the South side to the Culver ( Funny its the North side of the Culver ) The West End ends at bumper blocks now








The gas tanks are gone




The Riviera looks a lot different




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Stillwell ave has always been an exciting and busy place. With 8 tracks and 4 platforms it is probably the largest station on the original BMT system with Sands Street being the location to surpass it in size. 


BMY standards could be seen here operating on all lines that went through here at various times. Here is a Culver local when it was a BMT line operating via the Montague street tunnel






 A set of BMT Standards in service on the West End Line arriving at Stillwell 





Heres a nother Culver line train arriving from the Lower Level El structure coming from West 8th street. A BMT Brighton Train equipped with Standards is on the upper level to the right






Occassionally various equipment which did not operate in and out of Stillwell did show up on special occasions. Here we have the Bluebirds at Stillwell.




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