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Dear Friends,

I am trying a way to create sand stone from Fimo which is a classic doll house product. I still have to try different texture techniques, so far I used a tooth probe for sculpting. Fino hardens in the oven and can be flattened out with a pasta machine – need to get one. The first test piece looks good, I‘ll keep working on it. By the way the depot is going to be huge!



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Nice work Sarah  

Another technique: This doll house chimney had a sticky back stencil.   The stencil was applied then a stucco like material mixed with white glue was applied.  Before the mixture hardened, the stencil was removed. 

Brick was done the same.  If the paste material dried too fast, it was difficult to remove the stencil.  Mortar color is paint applied before the stencil.   

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Sarah posted:

My progress on the depot is on halt because of a more pressing project - need to fit a 1:1 scale roof on a building as soon as possible :-)


YES, I think I can just make you out, standing between trusses, with the tool belt. Come to think, tool belts are much better suited for girls than guys. Every time I put one on it slides down to my knees and causes me to trip and fall through the rafters.  Not to worry, I always land on my head.      And she has an excavator.  YOU WIN LADY. You have the best toys. I doubt if any of us guys can top that !    You need a model of your house under construction, with the excavator in the back yard, for your layout.    So, Sarah, please tell us you are married so we can all stop "Pining away" for the girl of our dreams.           j

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