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The Strasburg has been looking to increase its steam roster and recently found the sister engine of Mogul #89. Still lettered for CN where it came from.

719A31CB-C7A8-4E45-996B-80FC4CA10DE6E349E2C8-0665-4C5D-907D-299EACD7DCE1This was a project to see if more correct cylinders than the one Lionel has used on all of their Moguls could be fitted.

I found the closest were used on the Lionel Harriman 2-8-0s seen on the right below.


After a lot of deliberation on where to make the cuts this is result.



More detailing is planned with hopes of finding pilot wheels closer to the prototype.



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  • 719A31CB-C7A8-4E45-996B-80FC4CA10DE6
  • E349E2C8-0665-4C5D-907D-299EACD7DCE1
  • D13600F2-F53C-4651-A7DF-11522F9B8C7F
  • FB1F3BCD-3C79-456D-A70D-43A785030138
  • 58D44830-8CA0-4A86-8516-2D1F2A97A70A
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@palallin posted:

Norton, would be so kind as to share the part number for that steam chest.  that might be the very thing I need to move on with my SL&IM Mastodon.

This is the one from 2-8-0.

The PRR A5 0-4-0s also have the canted cylinders. They didn’t match up as well with the Mogul steamchest as the one above but may work better for your application.

The one on the right is from a MTH PRR A5.




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  • F71BEC48-F8EE-4882-9BF6-3CFD37AE3564
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Thanks again guys. I am still awaiting some larger spoke pilot wheels closer to prototype. Not sure they will fit but we’ll see. Also the whitewalls and running board stripe likely coming off and lastly still not sure if I want to deal with the class lights.

That engine is jammed packed in there with the smoke unit pressing right against the cast on smokebox front. Pretty difficult to jam some wires in there for the lights.


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