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Hey Stu, the Strasburg did not show up on this link.

Hi John,

No, it didn't.  The Strasburg version is a regularly cataloged item.  The link I provided was to the METCA Custom Run D&GRW version.  All versions (regularly cataloged and custom runs) are produced at the same time.  Hence, if the METCA version is arriving now, the regularly cataloged ones should only be days away from hitting the dealer shelves.


Does anyone have any idea why none of the dealers outside of NC have the moguls?  Looks like METCA shipped theirs out and some stores in the NC area like Berkshire Station have them in stock?  Also Lionel's store has them for sale, yet none of the other dealers have them?  Am I missing something?  

I don't understand what's going on, some dealers have them (none of the big ones) and there's YouTube videos out there where people are showing they have them.  I know there's usually a week to 10 day time period in which it takes dealers to receive them after they're shipped from Lionel but this one is strange

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