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I've already got 6 tubs of cars, engines (Overland PRR P5a anyone?  Cheap!), structures, and kits and kits, stripwood, and "stuff"....

I also understand that during this meet that they are going to auction off this built up kit:

to benefit the fire department!!!  Good cause that's been super in supporting this show, so pry open the wallets and shoo away the moths...

The Strasburg show has been an excellent market in which to sell down my rather large collection.  Having folks do cash and carry sales saves a lot when compared to packing, shipping and the prolonged transaction timeline of internet sales.

Thanks to the tremendous sales activity the Strasburg show provided I am almost totally out of stock for now.

Heavy presence of 3 railers at the Strasburg show.  They caught the scent of unique one of a kind structures, scenery items at great prices, little people and automobiles, and convertible rolling stock.  Plus Bob Lavezzi has a lot of Weaver repair parts from the company shut down.

I sold off approx. 150 freight cars over the last three shows for $8 - $10 - $12 each and about half of them were purchased by 3 railers for wheel swaps.

If anyone is thinking about getting into o scale trains and would happen to be concerned about the cost,  then just come to a 2 rail 0 scale swap meet like at the Strasburg firehouse.

There are bargains galore!  You may even come over to the  2 rail dark side.

$5 entrance, free parking, gigantic Pennsylvania State RR museum, live steam Strasburg RR, TCA headquarters, etc, etc.

Make a week end out of it.

That show never disappoints in finding some absolutely necessary items you never ever thought about until you spot it on a table.  Nuggets of gold!

Get there early!!

There are some nine o'clock guys who speed through the aisles grabbing neat items in the first few minutes.  I missed a few highly desirable items cause I wanted to man my own tables. 

Then I would see some folks carrying items which I wish I had purhased.

Driving up in the morning with a couple of 3 rail goobers.  Gonna see if we can spend our York bucks before we get to York on Thursday.

Wish I lived closer. Just remember: The best three-rail (3RS) rolling stock starts out as 2-rail rolling stock. The conversion is simple: (1) Remove from Box; (2) install new Kadees; (3) place on track.

@Rule292 posted:

Everybody come home with a full car and an empty wallet?

Hopefully this is my last "miss" and I can get back to coming to the shows.

Nearly the reverse for me - departed with seriously depleted and emptied out tubs and a full wallet.

Quite possibly the best Strasburg show ever for sales in my experience!!!  Okay, so pricing stuff to move and understanding / accepting the objective of making stuff go away has to be embraced......and that intersected with buyers that were ready to buy and recognized good bargain and buys at this great show.

Did notice a row of empty table - 1st time I've ever seen that - too many shows in the same month probably....

So if you were not there you missed out on a lot of good bargain and buys......and you could have bought the Nighthawks cafe which was auctioned off to support the Fire Dept., too!

Next show is April 23, 2022!!!!

@Paul Kallus posted:

Am a bit late to this thread...though I'd like to make the next Strasburg train meet if I can. Question: anyone know if there's Weaver brass structures for sale at these meets, or is it mostly engines and rolling stock? Specifically, am looking for Weaver O-scale brass switch towers.

One never really knows just what might be on a table at this show -- highly variable.  It's a moving target, Paul.

For a long time I had been unable to sell structures at this show and had stopped bringing them at all until this past one where they practically flew off the table.  I've gotten a few great traction items and then there's a drought or it's traction far beyond my paltry budget.  Now it seems that kits are not selling which used to sell right along if priced realistically.

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