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Prior to setting up at the Strasburg Firehouse for the 0 scale show tomorrow my wife and I stopped by the Strasburg RR for some down time.

Absolutely NOTHING like standing on the platform next a iron monster breathing, sighing, belching smoke while hissing and clanking casually swapping position from one end of the train to the other.

We took the A/C diner car for a cool break and snack.   Sealed windows were a bummer, could hardly hear the locomotive.

Diesels are OK but these steam animals are freeking alive!  Just can not imagine what you folks on the other side of the country experience when the large UP engines visit your area.

Tomorrow after the 0 scale show we will be taking in the PA state railroad museum.   They have doubled the indoor trackage over the years and enlarged the storage sidings.  The complex must be 1/4 mile long.

Strasburg is definitely a great RR Mecca.  Much more than a just a train show.

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One of these days a trip to Strasburg is in order.  I would love to see the N&W 611 in action again. @Tom Tee is on point about the sound of these large engines even just standing still on the rails. I was totally blown away by her 70 inch drivers.  Got to see the BigBoy when he was in West Chicago on static display, was not able to be there when he powered up. He has 68 inch drivers. But, my favorite has always been the SP 4449 Daylight. Seen plenty of videos, but never in person - that has to be on the bucket list. As far as I can tell she may have the largest drivers at 80 inches. Just a note the 611 uses 6.5 tons of coal and 12,000 gallons of water per hour. Little wonder why little rail towns popped up everywhere!

Grandson and I took a day trip just a couple weeks ago. Sat in the open cars right behind #90. Great ride, sounds, and smells. Strasburg folks have really spruced the place up, looks great. PA Rr Museum was later in the day, AC throughout. Excellent displays, cab tours, and you can walk the yard, too.
excellent way to spend a day.

Had to laugh when 14 yr old grandson said, “hey Pop, it cost more for me now then you!”

We went out a couple weeks ago and rode the Strasburg RR.  It was in the 90's, so we opted for the lounge car with A/C, my wife was not interested in sitting in the open car.  I saw the 611 tender parked in the yard, but the locomotive must have been in one of the shops.

Snapped a bunch of pictures of the working locomotives so I can compare them to the upcoming Lionel releases.


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Family and Granddaughter's boyfriend rode the Strasburg RR Sunday as a family outing, nice trip but hot (not in an AC car).

Granddaughter wanted a family day with her boyfriend before he leaves for College (she will be a junior this year). She also misses train shows and visiting lay-outs with me. Nice her boyfriend is into trains also, a BIG common interest for them is NAS car (racing not my bag seeing classic old cars, yes).


@RSJB18 posted:

Great area to visit Tom. We were regulars when the kids were little. Now only the big kid want's to go.

SRR and the Pennsylvania RR Museum are the best. Add the Choo-Choo Barn and it's a perfect day IMHO!

What he said!  Glad you had a good day, Tom.  It definitely comports with my idea of a perfect day, or at least nearly so...


Having been there a few times, I always enjoy every photo opportunity that the railroad has provided. This year will be a miss for me out there. I try to get in a once a year trip out there as well as the Railroad Museum next door.

One of the most interesting things I had the pleasure of doing out there in 2019 was the shops tour. That was truly amazing. Just seeing what you usually don't see at all is impressive as well as stunning. #90 was almost sleeping during the tour as a few wisps of smoke could be seen rising up from the stack in the engine shed.

The shops where they do repairs and work for other railroads was also very cool. Seeing some of the equipment, tools as well as some of the locomotive projects that have been underway for some time are intriguing. Some of the projects we were told have been underway for a good number of years as the funding for such things is indeed expensive.

When is the best time to go, anytime you have when they are running. I've done an August trip and October, haven't done any other months. I believe I've ridden out on the train only 4 times, need to get those numbers up. Maybe one of the other times I'll get tickets for two rides when I'm out there. We'll see.

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