HI,  Any advice on stripping a MTH Senate Beer reefer?  Ideally I would just remove the names/logos and replace them with custom decals leaving the other painted details intact.  I know you can remove the tempo from Hot Wheels cars with careful application of acetone, anything similar for this situation?  Or, is there a white paint that matches close enough?




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I have removed some decorations using Solvaset, but you need to be very careful with the process or the base paint goes along. That being said I have taken some models to Home Depot and have had good success with there paint match, though it be a quite thick latex paint. With very careful application it looks not to bad. I have stripped several American Models pieces using Industrial Purple Cleaner purchased from the Depot. I use a plastic drywall applicator tray and submerge in the solution for a couple of hours to remove paint completely, and rinse with clear water with good results. This works well also for American Flyer parts also even if you want to remove the worn chrome on the PAs.


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