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I picked up a few dozen Marx O-27,  3/16" cars, some of which are in really shabby shape.  I need a very low cost sand-blaster type device to get the old dirty and rusty finish off so I can repaint these cars.

Any experience with these and satisfaction will be appreciated.

Got another model expo / trade show coming up in about three weeks and will be looking for more Marx rolling stock and locos.

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I assume the Marx car is tinplate? I use Draino to remove paint from all my tinplate stuff. Soak in a strong solution for about 30 minutes, more if needed. all the paint should come off easy with a stiff tooth brush. Rinse  well.  If the car has been repainted it will take longer to remove the new paint.  If there is still rust, fine sandpaper should can also use navel jelly or a wire wheel on a Dremel Tool for the rust... To repaint start with an auto etching primer. I use any good spray paint...I use what ever company has the color I need....After painting I bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.   Good Luck



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