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@gptom posted:

I am trying to hook up a bunch of street lights. my stripper's smallest gauge is 22. the lights wires must be 30 ga. any sugestions on how to stip the wires

I got tired of struggling to strip very thin woodland scenic's wires, so I bought these, which go up to 32 AWG.

Can't believe I never bought a pair sooner.

I have one like the orange handled one for larger wires (20 and larger), and the Klein one for the little wires. I like the Klein tool much better. I actually enjoy using it.

I confess I like buying tools almost as much as buying trains, and get pleasure from using quality ones, so I may be an outlier. The Klein tool is $21 at Home Depot, so for me, $6 more to have what I really want for the rest of my life, instead of settling. I'm worth it.

I had to order something from McMaster-Carr for one of my other hobbies and wanted to make it worth the shipping, so I found this set of wire strippers, Imperial brand, made in the USA, $16.41. They do 22-30 AWG. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have a lock to keep them closed.



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Two more tips:

I have often made the error of using the wrong size when I didn't know the gauge of the old wire I was stripping: too small and you cut the wire, too large and the insulation doesn't come off--kinda like the three bears.

Tip one: get a bare wire one way or another, then close the pliers, and insert the wire into successively smaller holes. The smallest hole the bare wire fits through is the correct gauge.

Tip two: make a label with the gauge size and put it on the wire so you don't have to mess around the next time.

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