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Very creative, interchangeable for any season or reason.  Cool.  Both settings are superb, Area 51 or Christmas.  Did you make the Quonset Hut, and is that a 37 Chevy PU in the Christmas scene.  I need a 37 Chevy PU - it was my first vehicle, cost was $90, hauled some trash and paid it off in 3 days!  What is the footprint of the whole setting?  Thanks for sharing!

Chuck, the Quonset hut was issued by Lionel a few years back, and pops up on the web occasionally, or can be found at shows. The only thing to  add is the stovepipe! Sorry, it’s a 1935 Ford, (Road Champs), with a Lionel logo on the doors. The layout was built based on an article in the Oct.-Nov. issue of OGR  (Run 238). The base is 2” styrofoam on 1/4” plywood base for rigidity. Very lightweight, by just changing the styrofoam scenery, I can make into whatever setting I like.  I’ve taken it to shows, and bring it upstairs to my living room for Christmas, where it sits on a patio table. It’s about 52 x 40”, just a Fastrack oval.

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I really like what you are working on.  With the kind of space I have now, this is inspirational.  Building a small layout like this is a great way to work on my scenery techniques.  I could see a version where the center is a city scape and the outside loop of track is a traction layout.

Very fun!

I hope this layout will inspire others, I don’t have much space but you can still build a fun yet tiny layout


When your layout is totally done, and you think about getting a second train of cars for variety, you may want to consider getting the very short Marx tin type cars from the 50s and 60s, in VG+ shape.    (I think they are 6 inches and less.)  They look great, and your train would look "longer" with a string of these short cars.   (More cars than are currently in your train.)

Just a thought.   I am really enjoying watching you build this.


The "reward" for thinking SMALL for a layout is ... a BIG difference in the availability of funds in your checking account. Meanwhile, the value of your time invested in detailing a small layout can be just as satisfying as what you might spend on a large layout; except the total timeframe would be shorter and oftentimes more manageable.

Many exquisitely detailed large layouts are often the result of collaboration of many hobbyists in a train club; otherwise such grand projects require "eternal life" for completion by a "lone wolf" owner/hobbyist.

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