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Thanks Santiago!  I ordered one!  I can't wait for the second component with the brushes to ship.  I think I will buy the version with two pairs of brushes.  Like I posted in the other thread, I am going to wait for you to post pics of how you set yours up before I install mine.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all!

SANTIAGOP23 posted:




That would be an informative thread. I've seen images where they are using brushes ("Brooms" my nephew says) to scrub the sides.

Will Ebbert posted:

That looks awesome! Of course, you could always do what the Southern did and just paint the roofs black instead of washing them. 

And hide all that gleaming stainless steel??   Just glad the Sante Fe never did that.

Looking forward to seeing all the pieces and then it installed as we don't have the room/place for it.




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