Oriental Limited CB&Q RPO class MB-23  


This is my latest effort to put together a series of head-end cars for my Exposition Flyer. Oriental Limited did a world-class job with these cars, definitely one of my favorite cars out there. Very well built, and detailed like no other. I managed to mod it a bit to better reflect Q' equipment. The lettering is dry transfers from Clover House.




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First of all, I really like what you are doing with "my" Burlington models. I admire your work and only wish I had the skills that you do in bringing the Q to life in O gauge. I have followed you for several years on the form.

Wonder if you can contact me off list as I have some questions about the F3's you customized. I can not find your email in your profile, although we have made contact before outside of the Forum.




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Someday Santiago, .....when I grow up I wanna be just like you! .....that’s stunning paint work!....I’ll get to your league someday!

PS.....where’s the area supervisor? She’s not present in this photo op......


The Water Level Route.......You Can Sleep

I really like O 2 Rail Scale, the track so realistic, everything so precise, so feature rich....Louis Ertz, passed away several years ago, had the most beautiful O Scale model Railroad I ever visited. He lived in an upscale neighborhood in Memphis Tennessee, and every time I called him, he said come on by and we would watch his O Scale trains run flawlessly and beautifully on his 30 by 45 foot layout. It was a showcase layout, finely finished in his living room.....A work of Art, hand laid track, scale structures, a roundhouse to die for, a layout so wonderful, it was so great that OGR made a super nice video of his work.  Rich Melvin did a really great video of his creation and I would highly recommend everyone in 2 Rail Scale to watch this particular video, as it’s the very best O Scale layout I have ever seen. 

Santiago, this is why I say I am not in your league, Your work is Amazing and I hope you’ll post pictures of your layout.  Your passenger car is very nice. Happy Railroading 


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