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 Hello Santiago', I hate to pester you'... I just read your excellent article in O Scale Resource mag.  Beautiful job.  But could you please tell me a little on how you use the granulated sugar to make the carnations...  I detailed a Hollywood Lounge car very similar to your recent car above...  Same seats and tables... etc.  I added small plants, but I wanted flowers in vases. I have the vases, but no flowers....😕  So I need your help'..😁

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Thanks in advance Santiago'...




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While I do not aspire to create models on the level you do, your work is very motivating and I believe it is folks like you that help everyone build better models/railroads.
While the entire interior looks great, the tabletops stand out to me. I do not think I have ever seen stained wood tables look so good in O scale.

Thanks for sharing your work!

@bob2 posted:

Thanks!  Scott does really nice work.  I am saturated with long passenger trains, but would have added a Skytop and maybe a coach if they had been offered separately.  A fellow forumite was going to do the rear windows on "Shapeway", but sort of dropped out.  If I get my hands on an ABS part it will go to Valley Brass for conversion.

Fully agree. A brass enclosure would be ideal. I’m not a fan of the clear inserts due to optical aberrations and frame thickness. 

I was also more interested in the Twin Cities as they are more accurate for my E6, but it is what it is. 

At any rate, I am more than thankful for Scott’s much appreciated gifts. They are precious.

Thanks for the post !!!  Super Nice !!!!!!!!  Lots of well executed add on parts. The roof vents really “pop” for me. The grey painted trucks allow a great detailed view of the trucks and the port hole windows are a distinctive difference from the usual. 

Now lets see someone else post with the maroon and gold lettering !!!  😬

Thanks Again


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