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After a couple of years of acquiring this car, and several months of hard work, I can finally add this car as the finishing touch to my all-brass Exposition Flyer. This car features a full interior with a custom made clerestory roof that follows the original car's design. A Soundtraxx sound car decoder controls the interior, marker and drumhead lights. Window glazing is real 0.008mm glass plates for outstanding clarity and appearance. Most of the rear detailing was custom brass work, including the square drumhead housings, door, gate, bumper, plugs, cut bars and grab irons.  



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WOW this is truly a gem that you created. A true MASTERPIECE to say the least.

As a member of the Burlington Route Historical Society, it would be great if you would send photos and details of your work to our Zephyr editor for inclusion in a future article. If you don't have his details, please contact me off list and I will provide you with information on how and who to contact.

THANK YOU for sharing these fine models with us.

Ray Bedard  email:

BRHS member 076

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