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Solved the drumheads, I think! I used a Ricoh Pro C7200X Graphic Arts edition and  the finish and resolution sure improved! This is the best I can before Kodachrome Slides... Though the best option would be to shrink myself to 1/48 scale. I’d would paint the drumhead myself behihd 0.006 real glass from Clover House! Some pics below... the low quality print is from a Konica Minolta C454... if you can’t spot it, the more orange one (talk about calibration issues) is the low quality... 






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Appreciate the support, everyone! I decided to revisit my idea of a clerestory roof I made for my brass diner... this is what I've accomplished so far.... not done, but it looks promising. The interior lights will be powered via the Soundcar decoder. No batteries in this project

The roof is a very free approximation to the design in the actual CB&Q cars. Glick's books were instrumental in guiding me model this.



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