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Hello ALL-----

I sent an email to Sub Chat Forum Owner  Larry Fendrick --- and got his immediate reply - both of which are pasted below -- Larrys's reply is shown first --- for privacy I disabled his email address


Re: What Happened to Sub Chat since 8/29/2018 off the internet !?

Larry Fendrick   ( )
Mon 9/3/2018, 8:23 AM
Hi Joe,

Thanks for letting me know. There was a power failure that day, and apparently one of my servers did not turn back on.
I just turned it on, so it should be ok now.

On 9/3/2018 4:52 AM, Joseph Frank wrote:
Hello Larry
I don't know of THIS email address is current or working anymore -- but will give it a try.  You obviously know your Sub Chat / Bus and OT chats -- entire website -- is off line from the internet since early AM Wed. 8/29/2018
So what happened --- and is this the end -- did you or someone pull the plug.  I see your Domain expires 9-15-2018 .
Well, will await your reply unless this gets bounced by the internet mailer (DAEMON)
regards - Joe F  (Aka  JOE @ NYCTMG-NYCMTS)
Joseph Frank - Webmaster
NYC Transit Modelers Group


Well, that explains it all -- his server had a power failure and the server never auto-turned itself back on.

So SUB CHAT is back on line working again,  as of 9-3-2018,  for those interested !

regards - Joe F

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