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The SUB CHAT (and BUS CHAT  O/T CHAT)  forums and their server are down -- have been over the  5  days from very early AM hours of Wed. Aug. 29th, 2018 thru now,  Sunday,  Sept. 2, 2018.  It was always  reached by this URL Link:


I did a search on a few WHOIS tool sites and it seems there was a "CHANGE made 8-25-2018" in the server or owner status which was not described.  Its DOMAIN term expires Sept. 15, 2018.  So I wonder if its owner Larry Fendrick,  who operated it under a few domains -- the latest being GO DADDY -- decided to pull the plug. What with all the constant flame wars ongoing there regularly.The newest flamewar developed about,  on the death of,  John McCain

One of the last set of postings was for this cached page -- between Tues.  8-29 and to 1 to 2 AM Wed. Aug 29th when I think "the lights went out..." heh ..  LINK to page "Tuscarora Almanac for August 28, 2018"  :


Anyone else at OGR hear anything or have info ?

Regards - Joe F

Joe F

Original Post

Hello Ben !

I also gave up on it for the most part basically -- but checked it once every day hoping for the very rare interesting  postings here or there on that site -- perhaps with interesting links or with one or more interesting photos.  I posted some very detailed historical on topic-threads I created and did many replies to other threads only where I thought it would be of interest and use, value to the few old historians and truly knowledgeable persons there.  All that is lost now !  I did copy-past a lot of the informative texts to save off line.

I had to wade thru pages and pages of a lot of blather and nonsense to find anything of interest or use.  Well, my NYCTM Group Forum you are a member of is doing OK - hanging in there - doing better since I moved it to our new home at Groups.io server.

Regards - Joe F


Joe F

Hello again Ben F

You have been with us at NYCTMG very many years now and contributed much in your times when you did (and had the time to)  post (and reply to) messages. I am sure your MTA / NYCT Motorman duties (and Hi-Railer Club involvements) and family matters take a lot of your time. 

PS: re; Sub / Bus / OT / Chats  -- I am beginning to think it a done game -- over ----- closed down -- period.  Its been off line since about very early AM on Wed. Aug. 29th -- we are in Sunday, Sept. 2 now !   Hitting 5 days now !

regards ! - Joe F

Joe F


Hello ALL-----

I sent an email to Sub Chat Forum Owner  Larry Fendrick --- and got his immediate reply - both of which are pasted below -- Larry's is shown first -- I disabled his email for privacy ----


Re: What Happened to Sub Chat since 8/29/2018 off the internet !?

Larry Fendrick   (  sub------------------.com.ru )
Mon 9/3/2018, 8:23 AM
Hi Joe,
Thanks for letting me know. There was a power failure that day, and apparently one of my servers did not turn back on.
I just turned it on, so it should be ok now.

On 9/3/2018 4:52 AM, Joseph Frank wrote:
Hello Larry
I don't know of THIS email address is current or working anymore -- but will give it a try.  You obviously know your Sub Chat / Bus and OT chats -- entire website -- is off line from the internet since early AM Wed. 8/29/2018
So what happened --- and is this the end -- did you or someone pull the plug.  I see your Domain expires 9-15-2018 .
Well, will await your reply unless this gets bounced by the internet mailer (DAEMON)
regards - Joe F  (Aka  JOE @ NYCTMG-NYCMTS)
Joseph Frank - Webmaster
NYC Transit Modelers Group


Well, that explains it all -- his server had a power failure and the server never auto-turned itself back on.

So SUB CHAT is back on line working agin,  for those interested !

regards - Joe F


Joe F

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