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Joe, I just caught up with your build, and I am thoroughly impressed and entranced.  Joe Frank has long been a hero to me and now there is a second subway guru named Joe.

I have to say, the sound is so realistic I swear you dubbed actual subway recordings over the video.

Brings back many memories of my days in NYC.

Ya know hanging out on the tracks like that with a camera and an express train coming straight at you could get you killed! LOL!!! Great layout!!! I rode the NYC Subway a fair amount in my younger days and loved every minute of it. The subways were and still are my favorite. You have put a lot of great time consuming work into your layout and it truly shows!

Hello Will

Thank you  for your ( to Joe Frank )  continuous support and compliments --  I guess am now considered the NY Model  EL & Trolley Guy - Joe "F" -  and the NY Model Subway Guy is I guess now considered - Joe "P"  !!  

Joe P has been to my house and layout in person --  and we both have large train rooms  (Joe P's is somewhat bigger (wider) than mine) and thus large Rapid Transit layouts.  But as you can see from Joe P's ongoing work  (mine started way back in 1984 and was finished by early 1987) over the past years - thru his "progress" photos & videos " - it's all involving A HECK OF A LOT OF INTENSIVE WORK - TIME-  $$$$$$$$ and DEDICATION !

But, in the end  (the ecstasy AFTER the long agony, heh) -- the end result is worth it.


Regards - Joe F20190327_000049


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Hello Will !

Yes, I relocated to Philly 50 years ago (from NY City)!

The "early" days of the internet, heh ?  Well, back then since about 1999 I used what then was called MSN "webtv" internet-receiver-device (box) to access the internet via my television set and old dial up (heh) phone service.   It was  a novelty back then for always being  virus free and its ease of operation -  My webtv hosted "Page Builder" Website for the layout featured very poor quality res. photos.  I finally went to a computer in 2009 and started a new website for the layout and digital --quality shot photos.  If you have not seen my newer layout-website developed about 2010 -- here is the link to its ALBUMS page -- with albums of photos (and one of videos) based upon the subject matter of the photos - and the link to it's MAIN PAGE (all newest photos get uploaded to top of page one on that section)

NYC Model transit System - PHOTO ALBUMS PAGE LINK

NYC Model Transit System - MAIN Photostream PAGE LINK

The old webtv @msn website for my layout (and its fuzzy poor re photos) has been gone since 2008 -- as MSN closed down the webtv system because it was not able to be upgraded,  updated to compete with "real PC computers"

So if you have not seen my newest site since 2008-09 - well- check it out now.  And while you are there -- click on to my "FAVES" (ie: FAVORITE Photos)  page link - and see photos of El layouts and EL structures and modeling work of close "Fellow EL Modeler" pals of mine.  A LOT to see there that is amazing modeling work !



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Hello everyone.  I have been away for a while.  I had a real medical emergency in early 2022 that almost knocked be out for good.  I started to get back to building some signals later in that year, but then concentrated on my openBVE hobby.  I'm back in the game again and have decided to focus on building my elevated.  First up, my new signal work from late 2022, early 2023.



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Next, in order to build my elevated, I must add a street level.  Adding new infrastructure to existing infrastructure is a challenging task, especially when the existing infrastructure is a subway which will require access.  The method I have chosen is to build the street sections where various portions could swing up on hinges or just be removed.  These sections pertain to only where there is a subway underneath.  Sections without a subway underneath could be static.  Additionally, it would be nice to still see the subway in operation, so many sections will have see-through streets.  Those see-though sections will use a Plexi-glass street covering and a removable roadbed. Shown here is my work in progress.  Note, one section has cutouts for the subway station below.



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@Joe P posted:

Well I am finally getting back after dismantling my old layout.  I have a new home and with it a new train room.  I have posted some pictures of the proposed location some months ago.  I am pleased to say that I have my modular benchwork up!  There are a total of 16 modules and I was able to reuse or modify sections of my old layout for all but one section.  All sections have been resurfaced and freshly painted. The layout will eventually feature both subway and elevated.  The RR-Track layout features the subway portion with a ramp to the elevated (shown in yellow).  The red tracks are for the power in the blocks.  There are 3 stations.  I will be using my old Baltic Street station and will add an express track.  The 125th Street station will feature an additional platform.  The City Hall station will feature an additional track and be extended.  Here is the track design with the stations.  If you look closely you can see the block breaks.


Here are a few 3D renders of the layout. Baltic Street (green), 125th Street (blue), City Hall (red).



Here is the benchwork in the new train room.  The next step is to lay down the tracks!!!






  1. Very nice.  What is the overall size of the benchwork

Here is another update to the layout. I will be incorporating a Smith 9th Street concrete viaduct as part of the elevated structure.  I want to add some variety to the layout. This is the highest elevated station in the NYC subway system and differs from the standard steel elevated structures. The "concrete" roadbed is already under construction using "concrete" girders for support.  Dowels will be used for the columns and bracing.



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