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I'm working on the subway portion of my layout.  It is just a simple circle of track, but I wanted to represent a subway since I took a trip to New York and rode one.   

my layout isn't overly realistic as many others but I do like allude to realism.  In google searches it is not easy for me to find pictures of what i'm looking for.  I'm trying to see what the transition look like from a station platform to the actual tunnel entrance of the subway (if that makes sense:?).


anyone have helpful links, or even better, able to post real pictures?

also would be curious to see pictures of the tunnels themselves.  

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Forty years ago many stations had no swinging gate. Just two foot of concrete platform with a ladder at the end to the tracks. The yellow rubber marks are also recent. The gates are idiotiic because they ensure the death of a passenger being dragged who is caught in the doors. They accomplish nothing



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