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Has anyone here actually know how fast they were going on a subway? I have, Today, I got on an R142A 6 express train from hunts point avenue to parckchester and using a speedometer app on my phone, I got up 49 mph!!! Insane!!! And on the way back, taking the local train, I clocked the local at 38 mph between st Lawrence and Morrison sound view, the 6 train really hauls it into longwood, I'd feel about 40 mph into longwood, I love the 6!!!, I'd like to here everyone's encounter or experience about it, but I find it awesome

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With favorable signals, Lexington Avenue expresses will give you a good ride between 59th, 86th and 125th Streets and Seventh Avenue express service will get you from Times Square to 72nd Street pretty darn fast.


It used to be a lot more fun with the SMEE cars with the railfan window plus Motormen sometimes ran with the cab door open so you could watch them work.



#5 thru-express, coming down the hill toward Freeman Street:

subwayspeed 45


And later in the same day, approaching Burke Avenue going back uptown:

subwayspeed 37

Speeds courtesy of "GPS Test" for Android, Chartcross LTD.


The only higher speed I've witnessed is 58MPH, registering on the speedometer of a set of R32's heading through the tunnel to Queensboro Plaza from Manhattan. Basically, the only way a NYC subway gets over 45 is to be heading down a long steep hill with permissive timers.


There is an account of the '32s (or maybe '38's) reaching excessive speeds after their GOH (general overhaul) a couple of decades ago, since they received lighter air-conditioning equipment and higher horsepower motors, but their top speeds weren't checked prior to releasing them into service. Subsequently they began overshooting stations on the Rockaway line, and radar tests showed them reaching 70. The only evidence I've seen is an audio recording taken aboard one of them in this area, sounding like a Metro-North express on jointed rail.




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  • subwayspeed 45
  • subwayspeed 37

40 mph, 50 mph, 60 mph........slow pokes!  My wife and I were in Stockholm, Sweden this past June and took the subway/surface train from Stockholm to the airport.  This train moves at 127mph....yes, 127 mph!  There is even a speedometer in each car to see the speed...and yes this was mph not KPH!  Smooth and quiet with plenty of room for luggage.

Mine was 53 mph  not 57. After 55 the power cuts out to the traction motors, and the train stops, the speed governor kicks in at around 57 so no way it could do that, now with the speed governor removed, yes, you could get 57 and some motorman tell me 70+ in speed tests before capping them, I know a lot of motorman personally, and One of them gave me a track vest as a gift and the book, I'll post pictures later though.


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