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Basically no.

Question, not specific. Are you looking to build an EL station or a tunnel station?

Just use common sense looking at photos, Joe Frank's, mine or Joe P's creations. A visit to NJ Hi Railers and talk to Ben might get you started.

Plastruct wall tiles, platforms made of lauan & blocks, signage made on the PC, foam walls and plastic or wood I beams. There are some so called EL structures on the market as well, none of which match Joes.

As I stated in the past, MTH made several mistakes in the lack of supporting the subways. I always thought several simple items other than an entrance could have been sold with the product. Signals, tile stations, 3rd rail and end door chain kits to mention a few items. Subway modeling is unique, so additional items are needed like column beams for tunnels and a proper looking EL structure like Joe F made is really required to support the proper look. We now have one guy on here selling signals. Most everything else you have to construct yourself.

To really enjoy subways is to make them at eye level. Most modelers make the big mistake at forcing them under low existing layouts, not a good idea for viewing.

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Good Luck.








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Yikes.  That subway dreams website is filled with interesting product, but wow...what a mess to navigate through. It needs to be toned down and refined so that customers can see fixed photos, not that screaming, streaming, visually confusing display.

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Sounds good!

I selected Gargraves stainless plastic tie track to avoid any operational issues down under. For best viewing you may want to raise the existing layout up so subways are seen at sitting eye level. Styrofoam walls work well for tunnels. Hope to see it completed someday.




Stainless Track


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