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This wash was originally a chemical wash  That's why they dragged the cars through with a cable when it first opened  It was supposed to get the graffiti off.  Some heavy duty chemicals that were found to be unsafe.  Now it is just like your neighborhood carwash  The first sprayers you see in the video is the saop application



Drive and video and try to hide the camera from the wash operators.  LOL



Yes they were closed but sometimes that doesn't make a difference


Mike Here are some pics from other washes around the system


This is Jamaica YArd







This was the original wash at 207 





This is the current wash at 207





This is Concourse yard






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As much as I love Lionel's Steam Clean and Wheel Grind Shop, one of the best detailed wash rack kits I've seen in O scale is made by Skytrex Model Railways of Loughborough, UK (shown below assembled and painted). Their website has a whole assortment of O scale kits, and most would fit right in on an American layout (some of the sheds and buildings are based off a British prototype, so the architectural style is a little different).






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I had an old VW Kombi campervan(69) too tall to fit through automated washes. Truck and RV washes didn't give impressive results so he spent much time kinda dirty, receiving only two good wash and waxes a year. Always kept my ears to the ground for the hi-rail set-up too. Cant help to think he(Oscar..yep, he(it) had a name) would have loved being cleaner more often with a visit through one of these on occasion had I found it. Im sure he would settle on Mill City's vehicle cleanliness technicians. [He is fine, but went with his happy new owner last year. Only his 3rd] 

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