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Nothing to worry about. Your modeling is top notch. 

My Tunnel modules are 20 years old now. I have learned many things since then. Gad I replaced all the old Super O with G.G. Stainless a few years back. The subway modules are now a separate layout in a basement of our other property for the Grandkids.



The black and white "Hamburger" photo I originally posted is indeed Times Square station.  I noticed it in the filename when I was moving the file from my phone to my laptop.

I've added a second photo ("Frankfurters") that could be the same stand, from the other direction.  This view shows a slightly different striping in that the slanted color stripes are not all in the same direction.  It also could have been taken about 10 years earlier, judging by the 50's - 60s - style hats and coats worn by the patrons, compared to the 70's - style clothing of the "Hamburger" photo.

TImes Square Lunch CounterTimes Square Subway Station Lunch Counter 2 - Lightened


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  • TImes Square Lunch Counter
  • Subway Station Lunch Counter 2 - Lightened
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You turn on the board, check that your phone, tablet or PC sees the board's wifi connection, go to a website to enter the board's unique id and your own wifi's password, and the board immediately connects and starts displaying info. It was very quick.

It's a great feature.  I am using that same method with my N Gauge trains that have DCC.  I built a controller out of an inexpensive Arduino and Motor Shield and connected it to an inexpensive Raspberry Pi mini computer.  Using free software the Raspberry Pi puts out a WiFi signal when it starts and I can connect to it with a phone or tablet free app (Engine Driver) and run the trains and sounds.   The entire setup was around $70.

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This is my first Subway set and I am over the moon about it! This is my MTH BMT AB Standard subway set.

MTH BMT AB Photo 1

MTH BMT AB Photo 2

I have always wanted this and the R-1 set (still am looking for the R-1) since I saw them running around a large department store's annual Dept.56 "Christmas in the City" display (c.2004-2007)



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  • MTH BMT AB Photo 1
  • MTH BMT AB Photo 2
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MTH BMT AB Video 1
MTH BMT AB Video 2
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I've not come across any tutorial on how to construct an under layout subway. However, It was rather easy. I just worked out a track plan that fit the dimensions around the interior legs of my benchwork. Then cut up the wood and attached everything to my existing benchwork infrastructure. If you're starting from scratch, building a two level layout is even easier. Building the platforms at strategically placed and viewable sections is also rather easy.  I layed a template between the tracks where I wanted the platform to go and outlined the shape (straight sections were the easiest, curves a little trickier), then cut the basswood accordingly.  Rulers from home depot or Loews are the perfect height for the base of the platforms, just cut them to height, spackle and paint black to remove the lettering and you're good to go.

The more intricate building was in constructing the elevated line on the upper level mainline.  I settled on using a template and scratch building my own design with leftover wood cuttings and home depot rulers for the girder sections. However, if i was to do it all over, here is where I would start -

Of course, there are some really detailed master builders on this site that would never settle for my level of detail, but it all worked for me. Good luck on yours!

Here is the Subway Station on my layout.  Doesn't quite match the one from the movie though.

As with most things in life, my layout is a work in progress.  So the Subway Station could use some added details.  But there is a staircase present that leads up to the main level.  My subway circuit was included in my layout's original design.  Which included a feeder line that connects the Subway with the main level


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