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I'm trying to provide some power to my Susie-Q boxcar to simulate a fire with flickering LEDs in a barrel for some hobos.  I bought a Lionel 8077-57 Lionmaster Challenger Single Arm Collector Roller from Trainz (via eBay), a picture of it is at the bottom.  I got it installed, and it works okay in a test mode. The problem is that the distance from the top of the collector (the part with the blue dot) to the point of contact with the rail on the roller, the part pointed to by the arrow, is too great.  The assembly lifts the wheels off the track a bit too much.  Is there a similar collector roller like this one, but smaller, that anyone can point me to?  I could grind down the part of the truck that this attaches to, but that would be a lot of work.



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First off, you're going to want two pickups for any sort of reliable operation.  Also, you can swap the trucks for collector equipped trucks, the roller design is already done.  What kind of trucks are on the car?  If they're the plastic trucks, there is a snap-in collector assembly that just clips into the truck.

I've put collectors on a bunch of tenders, but I suspect I have more room to work with.  I use an MTH roller.


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You had those 2 pictures in this thread and that's what prompted me to try it.  Yeah, I know I need 2 for better power delivery, but this is for a small flickering fire I'm adding that doesn't exist and isn't all that necessary, so I went only with one.  Unfortunately they are not plastic trucks, and buying a truck with an installed collector seems harder to me than doing the add on.  Anyway, I didn't realize you used MTH collectors, and the one you said, BD-0000042 looked smaller than the Lionel ones I bought (I couldn't find smaller Lionel ones).

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