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Had or still having the same dilemma.   I picked up the set of cars as they are outstanding.

For engines, saw the Genesis was one of the type engines that was used but did not like how it looks.   Currently what I like so far with these cars are the Santa Fe Blue Bonnets for diesel.   The most recent Lionel F7s.  Looks good together.   Also may use steam to pull them also.  For steam, not sure but would imagine most all will look good with the cars.

Either way the passenger cars are beautiful and when I ran them I did get a lot of comments on them.   Enjoy whatever you decide.

OGR Members - to those who have commented thank you for your ideas!

I do think a nice sharp black steam engine would make a good appearance albeit not prototypical - maybe my vision Hudson #5344? Other choices - maybe the SP 4449 in Freedom Colors, or others ...?

Yet i looked at the history of the train and quite a variety of diesels, painted with blue tones up to and including Amtrak in varied Pase paint schemes.

Most recent comment also identified Santa Fe F7 Blue Bonnets which have a very nice clue/silver color scheme to compliment the cars.

Any other suggestions are most welcome ...

- Ken

I understand that you are not necessarily looking for prototype matches for this train, however when I saw the actual train in Chicago Union Station circa 1989, it was being pulled by Amtrak F40PHs in Phase III paint.  Lionel, K-Line, and MTH have all offered this locomotive in this paint scheme.  I have a framed poster of the train in my hall when the train was new, and it shows it being pulled by a pair of E8s which was the original road power.  MTH made E8s in the AOE scheme. 

As for a fantasy locomotive?  Any of the more modern steam locomotives would look good.  Any Northern would be a nice complimentary locomotive or perhaps a PRR T1. 

@jjwyatt posted:

Currently what I like so far with these cars are the Santa Fe Blue Bonnets for diesel.   The most recent Lionel F7s.  Looks good together.  

I know nothing about the prototype of the passenger cars, but you are spot on about the Blue Bonnets. They are some of the nicest Legacy diesel offerings this year. The finish is flawless and the operation is perfect. I love my ABBA set.

Personally, if I had that set, I would want to run with both prototypical diesels and with steam (why limit myself?).  I also say that a SP #4449 in Freedom Train colors would look great pulling those cars, as would a T1 version of the AFT.  And pretty much any big steam still running or capable of running today, like NKP #765, PM #1225, UP #4014, and UP #844, would also look good pulling this set.  Back on the diesel end, a NKP PA #190, or pretty much any Bicentennial scheme locomotive might also look good pulling this set.


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