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Good Morning Everyone,

I will start out with some pictures of a methane gas holder model I am building. In one of the pictures you will see some concrete blocks I had forum.member Myles Marcovich make for me with his 3d printer. They came out great and I could not have produced these at this level of accuracy myself. The concrete blocks act as a ballast weight on the roof deck. Let's see what you have been working on.20210410_17542820210410_17543620210410_17544720210410_17545920210410_17551920210410_17555920210410_17560820210410_17563220210410_175703


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Alan, amazing level of detail on that!  

I made a little progress on the diorama this week.  Applied the “rock” walls on the unloading ramp.  I used HO scale “Sea Wall” from Chooch.  It translates pretty well to O-scale...A776EBB9-A535-4B07-BDDE-AE1A035DD12BI capped the walls with O-scale wood railroad ties.  Haven’t decided yet what the surface of the dock will be.  Maybe concrete...or maybe just rock and dirt fill.  I saw both growing up in NE PA...99398762-6111-4508-AE64-7A1A08C26F15F6376AA4-DF4C-4081-B4EF-4B0BCD17047DWaiting for the glue to dry...D0F5AC81-E43D-4F28-88B5-D8F638585114


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  • A776EBB9-A535-4B07-BDDE-AE1A035DD12B
  • 99398762-6111-4508-AE64-7A1A08C26F15
  • F6376AA4-DF4C-4081-B4EF-4B0BCD17047D
  • D0F5AC81-E43D-4F28-88B5-D8F638585114
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thanks J Musser. i am still amazed by the scale of these things. i managed close to 200 scale feet on the kilns. i sorta combined 30s to 50s. the kilns definitely early ones, smaller, riveted  sections and cooling pipes. the building and power setup is later. much of the reference information is from uk so even have some british touch in there lol.

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