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I've been continuing to work on the diorama for my 12'-by-8' layout.

The next step was to clean up the look of the base by adding a basswood strip to each edge. The basswood strips were held in place with masking tape until the glue dried.



At this point, a gap remained between the right side of the stone wall and the hill, so I cut a short piece of stone wall to fit, painted it, and glued it to the layout. This piece also serves to positively locate the base on the layout. Despite my best effort to cut the piece accurately, there remained a gap at the bottom that I concealed with ground cover.



The next two photos show the diorama base as it is currently. The stone walls and rock-faces have been painted with earth-toned colors, ground cover has been applied at the top of the rocks, and additional ground cover and ballast conceal the gap between the layout surface and the bottom of the stone walls and rock-faces.


I can’t do any further work on the diorama base until I build the structures for the town scene. So, I put the base back onto the layout and placed two house models on it to see how it looks. I built these models after the 12’-by-8’ layout was completed and before I began work on my 10’-by-5’ layout – a period of ten years. As it turned out, I didn’t use them on the 10’-by-5’ layout, and I’m not sure I will use them on the diorama. Meanwhile, I’ve begun to build the first of several structure models for the diorama. I expect the scene will include two new background buildings, a short street, sidewalks, some people, a billboard, and maybe a car or two, but I won’t decide on the arrangement of the scene until the structures are completed.




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  • MELGAR_2021_0711_03_LEFT_EDGE
  • MELGAR_2021_0711_04_RIGHT_EDGE
  • MELGAR_2021_0712_01_STONE_WALL_RIGHT
  • MELGAR_2021_0713_11_STONE_WALL_RIGHT
  • MELGAR_2021_0720_103_TEST_FIT
  • MELGAR_2021_0720_104_TEST_FIT
  • MELGAR_2021_0720_107_STATUS
  • MELGAR_2021_0720_109B_STATUS

All, Fantastic Sunday Showcase!, Alan I second Ron's comments. It sure would be interesting to see a video of your process for building from start to finish. Just so amazing. Pete it may be slow but is sure is exciting to watch your development of Port Anne's harbor. Your layout is a real inspiration. I really appreciate all the pictures you post. So much to learn from your layout. Melgar, what a neat project. Looking forward to it's completion. Again, thanks for all your pictures. A nice step by step on how to add an addition to a completed layout. Great scenery. Chris great farm scene looks so real. Nice scenery work.


I am getting ready to gear up for structure building in the near future.

1st step.....organize my base colors and see where I have gaps.....looks like I'm low on reds and light browns......


What's on the shelf for the new layout?

Two River Leaf Models kits: Walter's Building and Lenox Hotel

Three Dennis Brennan kits: Oblong Box, Hap Hazard Packing and Richmond Packing

Three TW Trainworx kits: Rock Island Freight House, New Haven Switch Tower and Cameron Freight Transfer Company

Buildings Unlimited: CR Eakey Chair....and a few Korber flats that will be kit-bashed into something.....

I am looking forward to building these has been hard to hold off.....but, I have been waiting for the new layout to start sometime in the fall.....and, that is certainly getting closer now that it is August.

Have a great rest of the summer folks and, please be safe!



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Still need to make stairways. This is an HO kit from Campbells called King's Cannery. It is card stock and real aluminum foil. All wood was stained with MicroMark Gray/Brown tie stain before gluing. I sprayed the aluminum foil with Dullcote, then sprayed dark gray paint followed by misting red oxide. After everything dried I used some weathering powders. To glue the foil to the card stock I tried a new product (for me) called Rocket Card Stock glue.

2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 001

2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 002

2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 003

2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 005


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  • 2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 001
  • 2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 002
  • 2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 003
  • 2021-08-04 Campbells Kings Cannery 005
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