Alan. It's a very good model in fact it's more than good it's great, not easy building bridges like that very well done. 

Now I have some blasts from the past! The only building I have left is Hot Rod Harry's makes me sad looking at these old projects. Roo

BRHRR 008BRHRR 009BRHRR 049Fabrication Plant 031Fabrication Plant 019Sth Brooklyn 2014 00223


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CNW L USRA ebay 19 [1)

CNW L USRA ebay 19 [2)

CNW L USRA ebay 19 [3)

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CNW L USRA ebay 19 [5)

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Good stuff! I like Hot Rod Harry's. Didn't get to the Louisville Annual Street Rod Show this year. It's where 12,000 street rods gather at the International Expo Center. It's probably one of the biggest in the USA. 

All, great bridge! What's the scale of that model garage in the background? 

I did this on my new Elegoo Mars 3D LCD Mask Resin Printer. I'm still getting the hang of it, but getting closer. It's the first machine in the machine shop connected to my new engine house. When done it will be fully equipped. Some drawings are available on SketchUp's 3D Warehouse (with mods), but other's I'm having to draw from scratch.

EH MS 1st Machine

Some of the details are too frail in resin and I'm learning to modify the drawings so they'll have more heft. I'm also printing a batch of hand wheels separately and will put them on as a 2nd operation. They're so fragile that they break off when I'm using the flush cutters to remove all the supports. That's a real piece of drill rod in the chuck. I had to rebuild the chip pan because the cross-section was too thin to hold together. I used thin styrene to fix it. Next time I'll increase it in the drawing.

EH MS Big Lathe

The Machine changes the challenge from making to drawing. If I can draw it, I probably can grow it (with the limitations I noted above).


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Gerry, where I can, I'm downloading the machines from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. That said, none are ready for printing. They either have lots of reversed faces which the slicer and STL convertor can't recognize, they have parts that are too thin to hold together even though the printer will resolve them, or they have incomplete structures that must be closed to be recognized as a "solid". 

I'm also drawing my own. The radial drill was completely drawn by me. And I'm working to create a good 1:48 scale model of an EMD 567 Prime Mover. I've got the heads and block complete. I'm working on the complicated front end with all the pumps and piping, and wrestling with the Roots Blower assemblies that grace the back end. I've gotten the Blower drawn nicely, but the plenum below it is a killer. It's got curves all over the place and intersecting planes and then it has the egg crate ribs on the outer facing side. I could more easily hand form it in Milliputt, but I want to be able to print it and possibly make it available for others. I'm sure it can be drawn, I'm just not so good at it.


Ok, but where do you get the info to make your own drawings?

I worked in design and drafting for over 40 years using Autocad and recently Pro-eng solid modeling software and wouldn't know where to begin.

Fabulous modeling.


PS; Checkout my recent posts on your Engine House topic .

I'm good at faking it  To draw the radial drill I got one dimension from a chart on the manufacturer's website. That model had a 17" diameter main column. I used that as a gauge to put the rest of the machine in proportion. For the diesel locomotive engine, I went on Google, searched from EMD 567 engines and found pictures that showed the best detail. Then I used the Match Photo feature in SketchUp that lets you do a reasonably accurate 3D drawing. 

This image shows my drawing over top of a 567 drawing. It's not an exact match. That may be due to the distortion incurred depending on the type of lens or focal length used to create the original image. But I'm not looking for a mathematical model. I'm looking to create a good looking, complex model that will inspire. It's going to be a diorama at a distance so rivet counters won't get too much to look at. Lastly, I've yet to find a set of drawings that could give me really accurate sizing. I started the model with a good cross-section cutaway drawing. I looked up the bore diameter and then scaled that drawing on SketchUp to exactly match that distance thus putting the rest of the drawing in scale. You draw in 1:1 scale in SketchUp. I then scale down by a factor of .021 to get to 1:48.

There's some much going on in the front end that it's quite a challenge to pull it apart to model it. Right now I'm wrestling with that plenum that's sitting below the roots blower at the engine's rear. The other challenge is I believe this engine is a marine diesel, not a locomotive. I know that because it has two water pumps (which I drew because they look cool). One is for fresh water and the other is for sea water and there is a heat exchanger for engine cooling. I'm also going to model a main generator so there will be no confusion.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 10.42.04 PM

The best approach is get SketchUp, start using it and start studying images that might work. If you screw up, so what, it's just 1s and 0s on some enhanced silicon chips.



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Thanks for the reply and info on your method of capturing design features of your models. The match feature of SketchUp sounds like a very useful option.

I have only been using Autodesk Fusion 360 a short time and isn't user friendly at this point. I will have to look deeper into any input or export options available, something like the match feature would be speed the up the process for a new bee like me. I have been using  Autocad light for 2D drawing which has many drawing aids that I would have thought could have been incorporated in the sketch mode for Fusion. It seems like 3D software designers didn't learn from the older 2D methods.

Thanks again Gerry

nkalbrr posted:

Roo , were did you get the landing craft model that's tucked away in your building?

It's a 1/48 Hobby Boss kit I still have a couple unopened.

I had this thing once about turning the layout into a military base I even made a wheeled trolley to pull them around the pier I went a bit over the top!Fabrication Plant 017

Fabrication Plant 084DSC00120Fabrication Plant 058


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