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Good morning Alan. Another great display of tanks for the DuPont industrial  site on someone’s layout.

Thursday night I assembled four passenger benches from Altoona Model Works. These will set inside in the MTH passenger depot I’ve been upgrading. I want to have the interior containing decorations and furniture to easily view via the large windows.

The depot will set trackside near the table edge on top of the tunnel for my return loop.  So the first floor will contain easily seen new benches with waiting passengers & luggage,  & ticket clerk. Second floor plan right now is for desks and chair displays.

Trains will set on siding waiting to be boarded.

Have good Sunday 😄


Images (2)
  • D0954B2E-9DE1-49CA-9435-11017DA88272: Near finished benches
  • 391F8271-6D85-49B7-BF65-D4150AE1BF12: Finished benches

Slow and steady. Read instructions over and over. Measure 2-3 times. Cut once. Read more. One piece placed/glued at a time......wait and come back.....


In between, I find other projects to do......TW TrainWorx wheel stops for the modular layout's test track.


Have a great week, folks.

I'm not sure how fast I'll be completing Oblong Box. I may be on a roll since I just overcame the fright of techniques that I had never previously tried. Then again, prep for "winter train season" is actually here, with all it's attendent distractions. I will just plan on trying to move forward every week ( and try not to open too many projects at the same time).



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  • 115A3663-C4FF-4573-BAC6-E0CB149DE226_1_201_a
  • 7C82FCF5-DA0F-40A9-A3BB-E3B28EE838DF_1_201_a
  • FE50E0DA-E3A8-4AFA-8D2A-F3F3DDB1D82E_1_201_a
  • 7EC377C7-CAD8-44EF-AA74-275A926C4FAD
  • ACE8EA79-C28A-48C2-8852-580C0AA7F187
  • 3BA12CD9-6F18-482E-951F-8D9C4A0A0B83
  • 6B23FADB-EAE3-48C7-BCAD-18E841B6E48D
  • 3898F1CB-88A7-40CC-A018-FC8EA7C33781
  • 285E0779-4366-4527-BF8B-FA5DD32B8367

I built the Lionel O Branchline water tank last year. I was in a train store and saw a used Broadway Limited HO animated water tower and I thought I might be able to retrofit the operating mechanism in the Branchline tank. The bottom of the Broadway Limited with the mechanism fit absolutely perfect in the Lionel tank. By trial and error I found the perfect spot to place the spout without binding. It was a fun project. The video takes a few seconds to get started.


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My sister came by for a visit while on vacation and took this picture of the bridge and sent it to me.


I was inspired to do something with it so I came up with this.


I have done little to finish the small 38" X 78" Utacolzona layout this Summer.  After the gardening season is over, come September, I will get to it.  Plenty of little things to finish up.
Here is an overall view while standing on a step stool.


Thanks for looking.     Dennis.

Utacolzona Railroad in On30 (2020 - 2022) Update 8/13/22


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  • IMG_0040
  • DSCF7920
  • DSCF7936
  • DSCF7933
  • DSCF7930
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Beautiful work everyone. Prr1644 - your retrofit came out great. What a cool way to get all of the BLI tower effects without the large footprint.

I wasnt expecting to have anything to post today, but had some nice momentum yesterday adding a cover to the loading dock on my REA project. I kept going back and forth on doing so, so I opted to make the cover removable.


By using magnets the awning affixes without any exterior modifications. The nice perk here is that it’s adjustable. If I purchase some hicubes or other taller rolling stock, I can easily change the height to fit.


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  • 5EB214F1-A5D8-4AEA-A2E3-A3127EF17E56
  • 8099976F-7FDB-444E-B475-758A79F8A399
  • 8FA8A12C-E6A7-44AF-B2AE-51FCD3E0D553
  • 711ADFE1-1653-4B0B-BFD4-B820AD065268
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Alan, another great Sunday Scenic Showcase. really like looking at your intricate pipes and valves on your tanks.

Peter, always enjoy your project updates and they are so instructional.

PRR1644 really nice tank build and you blended it into the scenery nicely.

Hartman, really neat bridge. Like how you did weathering and supports. Your Utacolzona layout is really nice. Your track planning has lots of action in small area.

Alex, I have been debating how to cover my REA loading dock. Thanks for the solution ! I'd better go ahead and order those magnets.


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