Hillside cabin on the northeast corner of my 12’-by-8’ layout completed in 2004. I built the model from a kit but manufacturer unknown. Layout still in operation.

Photograph copyright by Melvin S. Garelick




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                    6 tracks! We all know you do things in a big way. Sounds good! 

Finishing up the R-12 set, then some big plans in the works. It may be time for the Master piece build? Found some large space over the Subway layout at the other rural house! Logistics will be the only challenge.

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Alan, another excellent start to the Sunday Showcase. Hope to see your finished project. Melvin and Steve also excellent work. Steve you give a master class with every weathering project.  Thank you all for the inspirational projects.


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Your modeling area looks especially nice. A neat, clean room with a great view out the window. I would spend much more time with my trains and in my work area if they weren't in the basement and cluttered with tools, paints, wood, glue, ad infinitum...


Hi Melgar

 I know my layout is mess most of the time lol

 I am hoping to have more space once my daughter moves out at the end of September. Also trying to get over the fatigue and pain of the RA. I have a ton of projects to do but not enough gas I the tank to do them.

  Not complaining, its just the way it is and could always be worse

  This roundhouse project has been a killer for me as I need to crawl up on the layout to do most of this work.

  I knew this when I designed the trackplan

and accepted the consequences lol

 I am just happy that I am able start working on things again.

  Trains are the best therapy!



In your photo album there is a Lionel PC well car with a silver generator as the load can you tell me if that is a scale size (the well car) I would like to buy one, but not sure if is scale or toy train size.  2nd question. Can you move to West Australia! Thanks Roo.

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