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Good Morning Everyone,

I have been working on a model of a flare and have almost completed the bottom half. Here are some pictures. This is a 300 foot tall tower I am modeling in o-scale. I am only constructing the bottom 50 feet and the top 70 feet. making the model about 30 inches tall. It will be used as a display/ training tool.

What have you been working on lately ?

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Very nice. Commercial client? Where do you get the plans for these wonderful creations?

I am assuming that it's the knockout drum that we're seeing. It would be about 6 scale feet high if you built the hole thing. It would bump into my ceiling. The one I'm building scales at a bit under 100 feet so, it's small for a prototypical one, but it will fit the layout.

Alan, I've made a few visits to corporate board rooms and seen some work very similar to yours proudly displayed in glass cases that are huge! Every time i see one I think about your amazing talent and think what a shame so few get to see it! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

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