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Very nice, Alan......

I continue with my slow build of a Buildings Unlimited strcture.

After painting, I did some brick weathering rubbing in DAP Plaster.EB6AE6B4-EDD2-465B-8407-F433F4807E570240D1FE-3A2C-4505-A4CA-326647D2A189

I am trying be subtle and not overdone.


Next step would be sealing it with Matte Medium Clear. However, it was now Thanksgiving week and I had a situation where I had "too much help" so I put it off for about 10 days.

Here are the helpers who came for a visit......


I finally got the walls sprayed. They took some time to dry because it turned bitter cold.


Finally, it hit the high 50s one day.


Construction begins........


This project stated in mid September. However, it is Train Season and I continue to be involved with the modular group running trains. Now, this model will be mostly indoor work.

Hae a great and safe week, everyone!



Images (8)
  • EB6AE6B4-EDD2-465B-8407-F433F4807E57
  • 0240D1FE-3A2C-4505-A4CA-326647D2A189
  • 4BF76822-0DD9-4A55-B044-9D681092EF20_1_201_a
  • 06EA417B-D729-49FB-B98D-6174E60DAEDF
  • 4A34BE3F-5205-4DF0-A058-3F99229CDCA2_1_201_a
  • 4E5B425F-E1D3-416F-AB1E-3B1151E722E2_1_201_a
  • DB032ACD-5A50-40B2-B49A-34098BD3FB7F
  • 9D466A37-9B1C-4E50-A592-8E1F41018FDB
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Peter, I noticed Spackle paste in the picture - is that used for mortaring? FWIW: I tried that and couldn't keep up with the wiping, ended up with a white glaze over the bricks. Yours looks good...I suppose working fast with a damp rag is the key?

Here's some close-up scenes out of something out of my project norm that I have been working on for the better part of two years - a mountain with forest at the foothills. The wild bronze breasted Tom-Gobblers (Dept. 56) survived the hunting season and are enjoying a relative peaceful bask in the early morning sun. Nevertheless, they need to be vigilant as a host of predators.



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Last week I began creating control cabinets from styrene for covering three speakers for the RailKing crossing flasher w/sound 30-11014.

I installed three flashers in August and soon after had my second carpal tunnel surgery on the same hand for correction of nerve issues.

IMG_5999IMG_6024IMG_6047IMG_6046So I’m back in the shop thankfully.  I completed the spray painting Friday installed on layout today and covered wires with new ballast. The crossing signal sound originating from the speakers under the cabinet is plenty loud.
I appreciate the inspiration from the OGR Scenic Forum. I don’t think I have an original idea on the top of my layout 😂


Images (4)
  • IMG_5999: Initial phase
  • IMG_6024: Ready for spray paint
  • IMG_6047: Overhead shot
  • IMG_6046: Straight ahead
@Paul Kallus posted:

Peter, I noticed Spackle paste in the picture - is that used for mortaring? FWIW: I tried that and couldn't keep up with the wiping, ended up with a white glaze over the bricks. Yours looks good...I suppose working fast with a damp rag is the key?

Actually, Paul, a wet finger and I only do small areas at a time (maybe 2" square) and skip areas altogether.



Looks like your making good progress. You have so many different techniques. Do you ever yes the same one twice ?

Alan……..funny you should say that. I have been trying different things on purpose. This is my 13th kit in 2 years. Since I am looking to have the layout look like a large urban area, I’m trying different things to make the structures look a little different. I’ve done 3 Korber’s, 5 TW TrainWorx’, 4 Brennan’s and this most recent one is Buildings Unlimited. This one has thrown me for a loop……I got very used to separately applied windows. With molded-in windows and sills, Lots of paper-taping. I had to change my approach. I still did brick dry-brushing……Using my finger to apply the mortar gave/gives me the most control.

In contrast, for Dennis Brennan’s buildings, he has super detailed instructions that I followed. For TW Trainworx, the instructions are pretty good…..but the gem is an hour plus construction video by Mike Regan, building the Rock Island Freight House……..his techniques were transferable to the other TW buildings. You know, I have 5 Buildings Unlimited kits done from my 1993-2003 layout…….but, they are all sprayed one color……sills, windows , and bricks

For Korber, I just sprayed the walls a brick color, sprayed the windows whatever, sprayed the roof and did some try brushing.

…….and, lots of tips and ideas I’ve copied from you and all who post here…..

All of it, fun!

Sorry if I rambled, everyone……have a great week.


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This weekend Mollys got a new owner and the Hotrod Diner was opened under new management. The folks at the A&W are feeling the competition.



Since the diner signs turned out so well, I'm going to work on rebranding my other Woodland Scenics buildings to give "Oasis Palms" a little unique flavor.


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  • hotrod_01
  • hotrod_02
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