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Small project for me as well. I recently picked up a CNJ RS3 without couplers from a friend. Did my first Kadee conversion, and am considering weathering it as well. I have a good friend who lives nearby, and is very good at weathering. Just before Weaver closed, I went dumpster diving, and pulled out some various shells to some day practice on. 



Weaver CNJ RS3 001Weaver CNJ RS3 002


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  • Weaver CNJ RS3 001
  • Weaver CNJ RS3 002
jackd posted:

I placed a station and added 3 light posts,wired and working.

Also finally did something with this section where the wye opens up. K-Line buildings,MTH Platform, some gravel, grass and trees. Wired all the lights.IMG_3394IMG_3395IMG_3396IMG_3397IMG_3398IMG_3399fullsizeoutput_3ed7IMG_3409


Did you buy the ceramic station from me earlier today at the Freeport show? if so looks great and BTW your layout is real nice !!!!


Ron045 posted:
Matthew Jones posted:

I am working on a small section of my layout. I kitbashed the storage building on left from old Con-Cor engine house kit; the Seifert Office Supplies building is a modified Cornerstone flat. The street in the foreground blends into a 1950s street photo on the backdrop.



Where did you get that neat backdrop to help create that illusion?



It is an old image I found on the internet. I did some resizing and color adjustments.

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