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Happy Sunday everyone. It’s been slow going but I’ve added a few details to my A&P grocery store build.

The 1st floor front windows are mostly complete with some Bar Mills metal castings added to the display shelves. Up next I’ll add a hanging produce scale on the left side, overhead lighting, and the AI generated store background I created. Then onto building the upstairs apartment!



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Alan the steel mill came out great.  The first of many wonderful projects to roll out of the new shop.

Peter nice idea for a station platform, finishing the edge with cove molding.  What material is the platform, foam, wood, MDF?  What color texture spray paint did you use?

Paul nice resurrection project.

Alex The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. never had a nicer storefront.

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Great work Alan, Paul, Alex and Peter!  Peter, that's quite a passenger station coming together.  I'm lookng forward to seeing how you incorporate the animated scenes into those platforms.  Alex, really nice details on that store.
Alan, extreme talent shown in that building - I especially like the lighting which brings the model to life.
Inspiring one and all!

Getting ready for our open house in conjunction with the March Meet, I was able to finish off this corner. Well, finish enough for the open house. Still a lot of detail to add. It's about 44 inches back from the fascia with a double track main in front. So trying some forced perspective the buildings are S scale while oil rig is a modified Menards HO version.


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