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Good Morning Everyone,

My model room is getting closer to completion. The walls have been painted and the floor is complete. This week the workbench and shelves should be going in. Hopefully by next weekend I will be moving into it. I can't wait. Here are a few pictures. Lets see what you have been working on.20240323_11284720240324_06494420240324_06495120240324_06495620240324_065004


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Alan, you’re so close to a new shop! Hope you are able to get into it this week!

I had a busy week playing around with mill scenes and details. I actually spent a lot of time researching steel mills and figuring out what kind of stuff would be seen around a blast furnace etc. So the photos I’m showing are just trial and error and won’t be the final outcome. I worked on a little yard where coke, and limestone and iron ore would be loaded onto the conveyor. That’s coming along nicely. Got the fence in and some coke piles so far. I placed some track under the mill and put some flat cars on it just for looks and testing of sizes. I was able to model some ash to put into a gondola. I am working on a pig iron pour that will come out of the bottom of the blast furnace. That is in its initial stages. I 3D printed some clear-ish plastic and embedded a red led into the end to glow hot red. Still perfecting all that. I hope to get some slag and ores cars out this week to place under the furnace. And finally I used some tissue paper soaked in white glue to make heat suits for blast furnace workers. I need to make one more… Have a good week everyone!



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Beginning Urban Renewal......


I have a sentimental attachment to the textbook. It is the last paper-bound textbook that I ever bought. Now, all are digital and online. The editor was my boss and one of my mentors in Nephrology. It is way out of date; this edition is from the mid-90s.

However, it gets work in the is heavy and has a large footprint.....



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Thank you Howard. The bench and shelves are supposed to be installed on Tuesday.

Mike, your details look great. The steel mill is your canvas for some great details to come.

Peter, looks like a great book you have there. I would have a hard time with that since me and electric do not get along that well. The layout is looking great.

David, I am loving your hole in the wall building.

Seth, I hope to see some of the work you have just completed. I can’t wait until I am moving into the new room.

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